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David Chang, One of the World’s Most Famous Chefs, Is Now a Microwave Evangelist

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Editor’s Note: Coronavirus has hammered the hospitality industry, forcing millions of layoffs and business closures. Consider ordering takeout, buying gift cards or pledging money to initiatives like the James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund or Save Restaurants.

Momofuku Restaurant Group founder, Ugly Delicious creator, Mind of a Chef host and one of the world’s most visible chefs, David Chang has spent his time in COVID-19-induced quarantine cooking approachable food for his family and posting it on Instagram. The main takeaway: David Chang loves a microwave.

“The microwave is a machine from the future,” Chang wrote on his first post espousing the humble microwave’s power. Chang’s microwave tips started with his mother’s wisdom: package leftover rice in plastic wrap and reheat in the microwave for 3 minutes when you’re ready to eat again. “The microwave is a machine from the future here in present day. If you think a microwave is bad for you…throw away your smart phone,” Chang wrote. To a naysayer who questioned the microwave’s effectiveness and deemed its use lazy, Chang replied “you are correct. I am lazy and you are a fucking dumbass.”

Then came a kitchen sink pasta dish in which the chef microwaved sausage, olive oil, garlic, sliced onions and chili flake in a microwave. In the comments, Chang expanded on the method. “Glass bowl. Covered. Start with a the onions and garlic in oil first, it’s starts to get soft. Then add sausage til cooked through. Doesn’t matter if the sausage doesn’t brown. It’s getting wet anyway.”

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salad in the time of COVID-19 Sort of a salad Nicoise missing a handful of traditional things…who cares…tasted great We only had one can of tuna so made a tonnato sauce with one can of tuna, anchovies, egg yolk, momofuku rice wine vinegar (we don’t have any lemons). Not enough tuna for 6 people so good way to stretch tuna. #toomuchtuna So I took some of hugo’s frozen sockeye salmon (don’t worry he has plenty) and microwaved it skin on for 4:30 minutes. Flesh side down, remove and peel off skin. Feed salmon skin to @momo_seve. If you don’t like using a microwave you cannot make this recipe. Break apart salmon with fork. Took some of hugo’s zucchini (He likes zucchini a lot) and pan roasted some strips. Cut radish and turnip and pickle with salt and sugar mix. – the same radish and turnip tops I added to the orecchiette dish a couples days back. Cut leftover cherry tomatoes that I didn’t use from yesterday’s pseudo ratatouille. In big pot of boiling salted water add potatoes first. Then a few minutes later add the eggs. Then add the frozen green beans. Slice potatoes. Peel eggs and slice, add greenbeans. Serve with tuna sauce on the side. No olives so we ate with a side of my homemade kohlrabi kimchi #stayhome

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Even more recently, Chang posted a riff on a nicoise salad made with anchovies, egg yolk, rice wine vinegar, radish, turnip, potato beans and, naturally, microwaved tuna (skin-on, 4 minutes and 30 seconds).

Since Chang has come out as a microwave supporter, commenters have accused him of promoting microwaves for pay, while others have embraced the chef’s fondness for the appliance. “You must be sponsored by microwave,” one commenter wrote. “I’ve been trying to make the microwave great again and you inspire me to keep that movement going,” another added.

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Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

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