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Can’t Remember What Day It Is? These Satisfying Calendars Will Save You

May 20, 2020 Home By
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Last week, I freaked out after waking up two hours into my workday. I was shocked that I didn’t have any messages looking for me. It was Saturday.

With days blending into weeks and weeks into months, no one can fault you for losing track of time. I have a calendar on my phone and my laptop, and I even wear my watch, which has a date window, and even that hasn’t stopped me from waking up in the morning wondering what day it is. These calendars may help you stay grounded and add some panache to an admittedly dull work-life situation.

Black & White Wood Calendar Block

You’ll have to remember to adjust the blocks to correct date, but over time it’ll become habit. The daily routine will keep you cognizant of the day of the month, and it’ll help you avoid missing any work deadlines.

Three by Three Acrylic Desktop Organizer & Perpetual Calendar

A calendar and desk organizer all in one. The sliding mechanism makes it so the calendar works year after year, and you won’t need to buy those tacky disposable calendars ever again.

Bubble Wrap Calendar

This bubble wrap calendar is a satisfying way to keep track of the days. Each date is covered by a bubble that you can pop at the end of the day, and the designers clearly knew popping bubble wrap is addicting so they included some bonus bubbles to pop, too.

Block Design Perpetual Calendar

This minimal perpetual calendar is an aesthetic way to pass the days. The calendar is based on retro graphic design, and the day and date are highlighted by manually adjusted magnets.

Gideon Dagan Perpetual Calendar

Gideon Dagan’s calendar is one of the artsier options for a calendar (it was made for the Museum of Modern Art). To adjust the date, move the magnetic round balls to sit atop the correct day and to point at the correct month.

Stendig Calendar

Massimo Vignell designed the Stendig Calendar in 1966, and it’s been the top pick for the design-conscious ever since. The letters and numbers are easy to read, and the contrasting white and black ink makes for a truly standout piece. Perforated sheets make for easy tearaway, and the brand recommends using exhausted sheets as wrapping paper.


Tait Design Co. Perpetual Calendar

Tait Design Co. wanted to make a calendar that would last forever. The brand sourced high quality materials from across the US, and made a perpetual calendar that would work whether it’s 2020 or 3020.

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Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial team’s mission. Learn more here.

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