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16 Cloth Face Masks That Actually Look Good

May 21, 2020 Style By
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You may not know what day it is, but you do know that we’re in the new normal, aka the actual Upside Down. Venturing out from our four walls into the open air means you gotta mask up to protect yourself, but more importantly to protect others. We can’t overstate the importance of good hygiene and social distancing in conjunction with covering your nose and mouth with some kind of cloth. It may not be up to the lofty medical standards of the N95 mask, but it’s actually (a lot) better than nothing.

The pandemic has sprung a field of mask options from big box stores, independent brands and an army of home sewers. So, while we’re not exactly thrilled that we’re in this situation, there are a plenty of stylish masks on the market. At the end of the day, a mask is utilitarian and it shouldn’t matter whether the one you have is a simple black mask, but why not find a mask with a bit more expression. It’s your new face now, after all.

Birdwell Birdie Reversible Face Mask

Birdwell’s mask uses the same high-quality SurfStretch and SurfNyl fabric that goes into its storied board shorts. This one, in a military-inspired woodland camo, is reversible and comes with free-flowing ties that tie around the head for a more comfortable fit.

Kiriko Face Masks

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kiriko has made a grip of face masks using traditional vintage Japanese fabrics which come in a variety of patterns, all in a rich indigo blue.

J. Augur Vintage Applique Star US Flag Face Mask

Better-known for its line of bags and accessories made from upcycled leather and fabric, J. Augur has applied the same ethos to its one-of-one masks.

Lotuff Handmade Face Cover

It’s easy enough to tie together a bandana, but artisan leather brand Lotuff has taken it a step further by using vintage bandanas and crafting them into well-fitting mask that’s multi-layered and comes with extra-durable straps.

MINNA Grids + Stripes Masks

When Minna isn’t making beautiful home goods, they’re making these spring-toned face masks using the same fabric they use for their lovely napkins, pot holders and other kitchen accessories.

Mystery Ranch Street Mask

Co-signed by John Mayer, the Mystery Ranch Street Mask is as tough as its mil-spec bags.

Railcar Fine Goods Wabash Mask Type 1

If you’re a workwear enthusiast, you’ll want to cover up with Railcar’s wabash stripe mask which will fade beautifully over time.

Runabout Goods Defender Mask

Made in Los Angeles, the Defender Mask uses the triple-pleat design with a robust Japanese blanket fabric.

69 Denim Mask

While 69 is known for it’s all-out avant-garde approach to denim, these masks are a bit more low-key. Utilizing an 8-ounce denim, it’s simple and gets the job done.

Zipporah Reshel

If you’re into a more earthy aesthetic, Zipporah Reshel’s linen masks are worth a look. They’re made from organic linen and come in a range of colors.

Diop Face Mask

Diop’s lineup of masks feature a range of beautiful wax printed cotton fabrics in traditional African patterns.

Profound Floral Painting Mask

Profound’s double-layered mask combines a painterly floral print with a streetwear edge.

Revolve Face Mask

Featuring an adjustable nose bridge for a precise fit, Revolve’s USA-made mask comes in a subtle tie-dye print that will brighten up your day.

Farewell Frances Quilted Face Mask

Vintage American quilts go into Farewell Frances’ masks, which makes each one completely unique from the next.

Homesite Toile Face Mask

Made in Greece, Homesite’s set of toile face masks are made to order and you can choose your preferred head support.

Buck Mason Washable Prevention Face Mask

Buck Mason’s face masks are, per its website, not a fashion piece. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like how they look. They come with an inner layer that has an anti-microbial coating, and feature a classic striped pattern or a plain solid black.

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