Go Overlanding (Or Replace Your Home) With This Luxury Camping Trailer

June 18, 2020 Cars By
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Living Vehicle, a California-based luxury mobile home manufacturer, has unveiled its new 2020 Series trailer. The model is designed for full-time living and spending substantial time off the grid. It’s a luxury apartment on wheels — one that will minimize your energy consumption and water waste.

The 28-foot-long trailer offers 220 square feet of living space. Its design maximizes that by offering a lofted queen-sized bed that stores in the ceiling and a fold-out patio deck. Reconfiguring the dining area and opting for an optional fold-out Euro loft bed can increase the sleeping capacity to six.

Want to go off-the-grid and off-the-road? Living Vehicle can outfit the 2020 trailer for overlanding. The trailer has a steel-reinforced aluminum frame, a rear incline for an improved departure angle, and 16 inches of ground clearance. The “Off-Road Option Package” adds off-road tires, additional ground clearance, and a matte black body liner. Opt for the top-shelf Pro version, and Living Vehicle claims that the solar panels can generate enough power to make the trailer self-sufficient under proper conditions (read: bright, sunny skies).

The cooking setup is versatile. The “Chef’s Kitchen” package adds an oven, a propane grill, an instant hot-water system, a dishwasher and an ever-critical six-bottle wine cooler. The trailer features a movable kitchen island, permitting outdoor cooking and improved flow within the living space.

Even if you are technically off the grid, Living Vehicle still has you set with multiple “Netflix and chill” options. The trailer comes standard with a WiFi source and a 42-inch 4K TV, and there’s an optional 70-inch home theater setup with a 4K projector.

Buyers can outfit the trailer for four-season use. The “4 Season Performance” package and a conditioned basement give it a potential temperature range of 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a 15,000-BTU air conditioner.

Living Vehicle plans to produce a “small batch” of 25 trailers for the 2020 Series. Pricing starts at $199,995 for the basic Core model, and rises quickly from there; the more off-road-minded Max with its additional energy-generating capability starts at $274,995, while the top-of-the-line Pro starts at $349,995. That is expensive for a trailer (though roughly on par with other luxury trailer options). But if you’re ready to embrace that full-on mobile life, it’s less expensive, better-designed and far better-equipped than most apartments.

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