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Seriously, go the f**k to sleep

Go the F**k to Sleep

Bleary-eyed and desperately tired, after countless bedtime stories, 1,765 sheep, seemingly gallons of warm milk, and teddy bears, trying to put the little one to sleep is an exercise in frustration and patience. When the former runs high and the latter

Top Grain

Grain Surfboards

Instead of riding a disposable foam board you're likely to toss after a few seasons, switch back to wood and ride a hand-crafted board built to last a lifetime. Using just one-third of the wood required for traditional boards, Grain

High Bred Hybrid

Adams IDEA Tech V3 Hybrid

Hitting the perfect pin high 3-iron over water is the type of shot we wish we could execute with any sort of regularity. More often than not, the result is hitting ours thin or simply off-center. Consistency is something we all

Biom Playa

Ecco Biom Golf Shoe

Riding on the heels of success of the Golf Street Premier, Ecco recently introduced their new line of golf shoes, the Ecco BIOM Golf Shoe ($225) featuring technology based on their natural motion philosophy, which centers around natural body movement.

This Kayano is gellin'

Asics Gel Kayano 17

Now in its 17th rendition, Asics' iconic Gel Kayano has shaped up to be the best yet. The Gel Kayano 17 ($140) now features a full-length Guidance Line that promotes gait efficiency and responsiveness while reducing weight. Additional improvements include

Get goosed

Canada Goose Chateau Parka

With record snows hitting many parts of the country, there's no better time to suit up and face the harsh elements in a heavy-duty winter parka. From our cold weather experts up North, Canada Goose is a well-known name when it

For length's sake

Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

A man’s quest for increasing his length, drive length that is, is a long and never-ending struggle. Fortunately for golfers, Callaway understands the pain and alongside Lamborghini (a company that knows a thing or two about dynamics) the two firms' R&D

Proof of a higher proof

Tasting Notes: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

When the temperature drops there's nothing quite like a little liquid fire to keep you warm. If ruckus is your beverage of choice, there's no better time to hit your local shop and pick yourself up a bottle from the limited

Solid Wood Performance

Denon AH-D5000 Reference Headphones

The sealed-back Denon AH-D5000 headphones have been long known for their performance with a signature warm, lush mid-range and fantastic bass. The real mahogany wood-back ear cups are rare in the metal/plastic laden world of headphones (though we've seen some great

Reservoir Bags

Hydrapak Morro

To help you keep properly hydrated, the Hydrapak Morro ($108) is part of Hydrapak's top of the line Pro Series and host to numerous features which embody their dedication to

Agile Warmth

Mammut Brisk

For every job, there's the right tool. When it comes to outerwear, there's always an ideal jacket to suit your conditions. As the name would suggest, the Mammut Brisk ($179) is designed to keep you active while and warm.

Out of the Box Drinking

Black Box Wines

When it comes to boxed wine, there's been a few changes in the industry. No longer are boxed wines relegated to stolen sips from mom's box of Franzia in the fridge. Once a sure sign of swag, boxed wine is now

Innovative Improvement

Clicgear Pushcart 3.0

Walking, that's the way the golf is meant to be played. Not all of us are die-hard luggers though, and the constant weight of your golf gear can be a real pain. Not to mention, shoulder strain can lead to bad shots. Last year we

Boa Nonconstrictor

FootJoy Icon | Boa Lacing System

Recognized as the #1 shoe in golf, FootJoy has been a long-time industry leader in terms of performance and comfort. With the recent departure of the tremendously popular FootJoy Classic and the introduction of their new flagship model, the FootJoy ICON undoubtedly has some

Evolved Light

Nistor and Nistor Evolutive Design Lamps

From across the Atlantic, the Nistor and Nistor Evolutive Design Collection of lamps are more than just objects that produce light and look great. They're a perfect addition of simple elegance and style that instantly breathes life into the darkness known

Your Weapon Against Fur

Furminator Deshedding Tool

Gear Patrol's most docile four-legged assistant is a prolific shedder. You can't stop the shed, you can only hope to contain it. You can't hide from it either. The fur shows up whether you're wearing white or black, not to mention

Soldier Of A Bag

J.Fold Trooper Bag

Made with heavy-duty coated cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather, the J.Fold Trooper Bag ($219) is a classic Soviet Era military styled bag best suited for a Gorbachev-approved weekend getaway to Sochi Available in the either charcoal with

Lighter. Safer. Greener

Essilor Airwear

Buying a new pair of glasses is a tedious task. You spend hours trying to find a frame, more hours finding the proper lenses prescription, then have to live with your decision for the following year(s). Most of us don't want to

Pack Your iPad + Everything Else

Incase iPad Travel Kit Plus


By now, you’ve read our Top 10 Reasons to Love or Hate the iPad. If you’ve come away siding with the former rather than the latter, chances are you might be reading this from your iPad this very moment. With summer

Sling Your Camera Home

Incase Sling Pack


It's been awhile since our hands-on review of the Nikon D3000 and like any budding weekend photographer, we've managed to assemble a small arsenal of accessories. If you're still on the lookout for a camera bag to house your

What Can Brown Do For Panerai?

Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni

panerai-radiomir-composite-marina-militare-8-giorniThere’s a reason why Panerai has been experiencing explosive popularity in the past few years, and the new 47mm PAM 339 aka the Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni does nothing but fan those flames. Officine Panerai’s latest beauty pays homage to

Say No To The Poncho (Look)

G-Star Raw Decoy Garber Trench

g-star-raw-decoy-garber-trench-gear-patrolFeaturing a front button closure with a belted stand collar and side flap pockets, G-Star Raw’s Decoy Garber Trench will keep you protected from the elements in fine European fashion. The G-Star Raw Decoy Garber Trench is form fitting with the

The Anti-Shoe

MBT Shuguli GTX


We know you've seen the commercials for toning sneakers on TV. Seriously, what guy isn't a fan of the Reebok ads? Perhaps you've considered buying a pair for your girlfriend. Perhaps you've considered buying yourself a pair. No matter what

Your Classic Aviator Remixed

Praesto Modern Fliegeruhr – Aviator


Gentlemen, let us introduce you to a new watch brand called Praesto. Praesto is a new effort from Giovino Watch Company, a Hong Kong-based unit who's been in the business for several years producing private labeled watches. For the last few

If Anyone Orders Merlot...

Ancient Peaks Wines


As a man always looking for ways to stretch his dollar, trying to find a good wine on the cheap is certainly never a simple task. After all, there's no better than for having a few bottles of red stocked,

Frames to See as Well as to be Seen

Alain Mikli Glasses


In 1978, Alain Mikli opened his design studio in Paris and started creating a new wave of fashion eye wear in an industry dominated by tradition. Mikli's original designs were innovative and combined creative aesthetics with technical precision. Today, Alain Mikli continues

Function Fused with Style and Innovation

PUMA Cell Fusion Golf Shoes


As much as we hate to admit it, golf is a sport all about vanity. Some choose their clubs not based solely upon performance, but also based on how they look at address and how they look in our bag.

Carrying Capacity Upgraded

J.Fold Nylon Messenger & Cargo Day Bags


There’s no doubt you’ve probably come away from the holidays with a few new accessories to lug around. It just so happens the folks at J.Fold have a few new and stylish messenger bags in which to haul your latest

Bamboo: More Than Just Feng Shui

Degree 6 Clothing

mn0043aLately, green has been the new black. Everyone is cashing in on the environmentally organofriendly trend, especially clothiers. While being chemical and pesticide free is certainly a good thing, we still need to improve our efforts to improve water conservation. No

Shooting Down Putts with RifleScope Technology

SeeMore Putters | Private Reserve


When we first teamed up with MyGolfSpy back in June to feature an in-depth behind the scenes look at the making of SeeMore Putters, we may have left some of you waiting for a full review. The wait is finally

Pure Running Science

ASICS Gel-Kinsei 3


When it comes to running shoes, many runners latch onto a particular brand. While Dusty happens to be a Brooks man, I, on the other hand, live by ASICS. As a cost-conscious individual, I usually get my new pair of Gel

Funky Name, Funky Shoe (A Good Thing)

Onitsuka Tiger | Tsunahiki Lo Black


Originally established in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger has been experiencing a modern day resurrection and is riding a tsunami of momentum with fresh updates to their classic designs. Born from old school 1900-1920 Olympic Tug of War shoes, Onitsuka Tiger combines