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A Fantastic Headset From A Leader In Earphone Technology

Etymotic hf2 Headset + Earphones


If you're still searching for that perfect headset for your iPhone, then look no further. The Etymotic hf2 (high fidelity, hands free) Headset + Earphones make for an exceptional pair. Easy-to-use and great sounding, they're a fantastic way to rid yourself

Excuse Me Sir, Is That A Hole In Your Bat?

Reebok Vector O Baseball Bat

reebok-vector-o-baseball-bat1 With baseball season in full swing, many of us are reminded of our younger, ball-playing days. I often find myself in the baseball section at my local sporting goods store, not actually looking for anything to buy, but just reminiscing about

Keeping Your Home Electronics Safe

APC Back-UPS BE750G Battery Backup and Surge Protector


As with most men, we know electronics, or at least we’d like to think we do. Chances are your home electronics roster consists of a computer, gaming system, television, and maybe even an audio system. You need several open outlets to

The World's Most Secure Flash Drive

IronKey Enterprise Flash Drive


The great thing about a flash drives is that they do exactly what we need them to do - transport data quickly and conveniently via small, ultra-portable packages. Throw them on a lanyard, keychain, or just stuff them in your bag

One Benjamin Goes Further Than You Think

10 Best Watches Under $100

10-best-watches-under-100 A wristwatch is a must have for any man. Quite simply, it completes his wardrobe. I would even venture to say that a man looks naked without one. In fact, it's probably the only universally acceptable accessory for guys. We understand

Part shoe, part savings account. Not FDIC insured.

Cole Haan Air Delancey Penny

cole-haan-air-delancey-penny1 Penny Loafers are a classic that no man should be without. This versatile shoe goes great with numerous outfits, transitioning seamlessly between the office, the bar, or a weekend getaway. Match them to a suit and you’re ready for the

Built New York Tough

Manhattan Portage New York Messenger Bag

manhattan-portage-messenger-bag Once you start seeing enough of something used functionally, you know it’s not a fad. This holds true for the Manhattan Portage New York Messenger Bag. A staple amongst urban men, this messenger is the go-to bag for students, professionals, travelers,

A Gauntlet of Warmth for the Slopes

Mountain Hardwear Red Savina Heated Glove

mountain-hardwear-red-savina1 No matter how many different types of winter gloves I go through, I always have the same problem. They all start out fairly warm to some degree, but then as the day wears on, my fingers start to get colder and

The Kuro of coal.

Sort of Coal – Kuro Cube

sort-of-coal-kuro-cube1After a week's worth of take-out and deliver foods, your fridge is probably full of leftover chinese, cold pizza, and stale fries. Needless to say, that combination doesn't smell pleasant. If you think a box of baking soda is all you

Vittorio J Tie Giveaway Winner!

maggie-vittorio-j-tie-winner2 We've chosen a winner for our Vittorio J Tie Giveaway! Congratulations Michael Kim (Seattle, WA)! Expect an email from us shortly with further instructions. Michael chose the Maggie #1402 ($150, pictured above), which we've been told by Vitorrio is

Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier 7135

air-o-swiss-ultrasonic-digital-humidifier-7135Alright men, it's time to buy a humidifier. With no end to the cold in sight, most of us have been running the heat 24/7. Although it feels great to cozy up indoors on these cold winter days, there's one thing

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic

Panerai-Luminor-Marina-1950-3-Days-Automatic.jpgOfficine Panerai has really outdone themselves this time. For all those out there still doubting the viability of Panerai and their presence as anything but a fashion brand, your time has come. While Panerai has always been known for their bold styling and passionate community,

VholdR Helmet Camera

Upgrade The Way You Record Mayhem

vholdr-camcorder.jpgMen, if you're like me, you enjoy a good thrill. I prefer terrain/tree skiing (about which I cannot claim to be entirely skilled at), rapid trail biking, or shredding. Recording proof that you managed to stick that landing

Freeline Skates

A New Sport To The X-Games Cometh


What has two wheels, can hold up to 3000 lbs of downward force and might pave the way to a new alternative action sport? The Freeline Skate. The Freeline Skate is an entirely new way for those of you

Sinn U1 Divers Watch

Submarine Grade Steel On Your Wrist

Sinn-U1-Divers-Watch.jpgSwiss and Japanese brands tend to dominate the conversation when it comes to watches. However there are other brands out there that deserve praise. Take for instance Sinn, a German watch company known for its many exclusive technologies,

Molteni Professional 145 Evolution Range

There Are Ranges And Then There Are Molteni Ranges

A man's place is a kitchen. A kitchen equipped with a Molteni Professional 145 Evolution.

Your demand for the very best extends

iPod Nano 4G

Even Baskin Robbins Has Less Flavors

[Click Image To Enlarge] Courtesy: Apple

Apple's chucked out a couple new iPods today: the 2nd generation iPod touch and the 4th generation iPod Nano. Apple's given

Van Vacter Ice Cream Knife

An Ice Cream Knife Even Chuck Norris Would Approve

van_vacter_ice_cream_knife.jpgWith summer at an end, there’s still time left to enjoy your favorite indulgence, ice cream. And of course, Gear Patrol, we can’t just look at this creamy treat without finding the perfect tool to

Vacuum Sealed Coffee Bean Keeper

A Fresh Coffee Bean Is A Good Coffee Bean

Williams-Sonoma-Vacuum-Sealed-Coffee-Bean-Keeper.jpgIt's not a secret that a perfect cup of coffee starts with the fresh beans. Fresh beans + Grinder = Bliss. The vacuum-sealed, stainless-steel coffee bean keeper from Williams-Sonoma ensures your morning nectar will always be

OXO Good Grips Pop Container Set

Rule: A Man's Kitchen Should Be Organized

All food and no storage makes Brian an angry boy...

As much as we’d like to keep everything in our lives nice and neat, it’s not always possible. This is

Original Penguin Jingle Sneakers

[click on image to enlarge]

It's impossible for me to get enough sneakers. Every year I use three out of the four seasons as an excuse to upgrade my alabaster kicks. A bit much, I know. Enter

Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer

Schick-Quattro-Titanium-Trimmer.jpgIf you're looking for a Friday diversion and a free Shick Quattro Titanium Trimmer then we've got the thing for you: Schick has a new grooming gadget called the Quattro Titanium Trimmer that combines a four blade razor and trimmer into one simple device,

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Jack-Black-Intense-Therapy-Lip-Balm.jpgAn oft forgotten part of your face is your lips. You buy all the right sunscreens for the rest of your body, but the The Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is available with Natural Mint & Shea Butter or a new Lemon

Wahl Self-Cut Clipper

Wahl-Self-Cut-Clipper-17pcs-Rechargeable.jpgNot that we condone cutting your own hair, I mean we do like to be fashionable here at Gear Patrol, but we also understand the need to save yourself some dough. So, if you absolutely must cut your own hair, as in there's no

Gillette Clean + Refreshing Shampoo


There's few manly hair shampoo options out there, and believe us, that Pantene Pro-V in your girlfriend's shower isn't one of them. Gillette High Performance Shampoo series is specially formulated to clean men's hair. The new charged cleansers pull away dirt and oil to

Tempur-Pedic GrandPillow


When you think of fine bedding what often comes to mind are high thread count sheet sets and luxury down comforters. While these an important part of sleep comfort, it’s easy to overlook your pillow. It’s time to treat yourself to the Tempur-Pedic GrandPillow.

The Art of Shaving Carry On Kit

[click on image to enlarge]

the-art-of-shaving-carry-on-shave-kit-pic.jpgOne of the problems with shaving while you're on the go is you've got a lot of moving parts, and bulky ones at that. We found a

Tequila 5150

Tequila-5150.jpgTequila 5150 is the first domestic tequila to legally import blue agave into the U.S., but it's uniqueness lies in the fact that it's made using wine making techniques. In typical American fashion, a friend of the bottler was told by his sheriff

Magrette Regattare Valencia


My love for Panerai timepieces knows no bounds. So I knew I'd be smitten with Magrette's very (very) Panerai-esque timepiece, the new Regattare Valencia. The 44mm Regattare Valencia is an hommage to the New Zealand team participating in the America's Cup. It's a 21 jewel

Hudson Furniture Inc. Knight Base Table


Sustainable means anything but blasé. Case in point - the Knight Base Table. Hudson Furniture creates elegant and sophisticated designs with an organic feel and sustainable parts. Its wood slabs are sourced domestically from storm damaged and salvaged trees. The Knight is a custom handmade

Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium

[click on image to enlarge]

You need a watch that matches your spirit of adventure, and we’ve found the perfect one for you. The new Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium. If you’re not already familiar with the T-Touch,

Oakley MLB Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses


Show your MLB team fanaticism with a pair of Oakley's all-new MLB Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses. The special editions Flak Jackets use Oakley's Black Iridium interchangeable lens with high definition optics, 100% UV filter,

Brunton Solaris i6 Foldable iPod Charger


There are some things in this world we just can’t be without. An iPod is one of them. Here in New York, I find being without my iPod actually makes me irritable. Want to make sure that it’s got juice wherever your adventure takes

Adidas ClimaCool Cushion No Show Socks

Adidas-ClimaCool-Cushion-No-Show-Socks.jpgSummer's in full swing and you're out there giving it your all. You’re sporting best equipment, rackets, clubs, shoes and apparel and we know that because you’re an avid Gear Patrol reader. But there's one thing you've overlooked. We’re talking about your feet.

The North Face Rucky Chucky

north-face-rucky-chucky-trail-running-shoe.jpgThe Rucky Chucky is a high-perforance long-distance mountain/trail running shoe that excels in all the areas most important to a trail running shoe. Support, traction, and stability. Not unlike a good set of off road tires (Ed: Full disclosure: Brian's SUV wears BFGoodrich

Leatherman Genus Landscape Multi-Tool

leatherman-genus-landscape-multi-tool.jpgAt first glance you might think it's a pruner but upon second glance you may also realize it's a Leatherman. You'd be right. Not only are you looking at Leatherman's take on a pruner, but in fact it's the new for 2008, Leatherman

Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoes


Summertime is best enjoyed sockless. If you can't wear sandals, the next best option is a pair of boat shoes. There's plenty of high-end fashion options out there, but no one does boat shoes better than Sperry Top-Sider. Look sharp this summer days with