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Bjorn Borg Pique Polo

bjorn-borg-pique-polo.jpgYou know the name from tennis, but you should also know that legendary Swedish tennis star has his own line of clothing. Bjorn Borg was one of the greatest tennis players in history as a dominant player in the 1970's. This heavy jersey pique

Eterna KonTiki Diver

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The Eterna KonTiki Diver timepiece isn't the newest one around, but it definitely was the first to deploy a hinged led mechanism that allows the mechanical movement container to move from

Kangaroom Bamboo 3 Pod

kangaroom-Bamboo-3-Pod.jpgThe perpetual problem with having so many gadgets (phone, mp3 player, blackberry, etc) is they just end up strewn across your apartment or desk. Sure, some of them may have docks, but that doesn't alleviate the fact that you're sitting there with four

EEZ-Read Putting Aid


A dozen lessons later and $1000 poorer, you're still no closer to mastering your putting game. In fact, you're still 3-putting every hole. Let us introduce you to a device that just might help you improve your putting. The EEZ Read is an amazing

Mizuno Techfire Crush Composite Softball Bat


  1. Walk up to plate and point at centerfield
  2. Rail ball over fence
  3. Tip hat at all basemen as you saunter past on way back to home plate
Those are the only things you'll need to do at your next company or summer league softball game with

Timbuk2 Covert Messenger Bag

Timbuk2-Covert-Messenger-Bag.jpgWalking or biking the streets late at night isn't always the safest thing to do. However there are many of us, including myself, that consider ourselves to be night owls. Whether we're carrying around books, clothes or gear, a good messenger bag is

Adidas BARRICADE V Tennis Shoe

Adidas-BARRICADE-V-Tennis-Shoe.jpgAnyone in the tennis world will tell you that footwork is key to building a better game. Besides, what good is that swing you've been perfecting if you can't get to the ball? It may be time to upgrade your footwear. One of the

Apple iMac 3GHz

Apple-iMac-3GHz.jpgApple's much applauded aluminum and glass all-in-one computer has been revised with faster processors, more powerful video cards, larger cache and a quicker front-side bus. (1066MHz from 800MHz if any of you care to know). In base form the 24 inch iMac comes equipped

Bissel SpotBot | Hands-Free Stain Remover

Bissel-SpotBot.jpgDe-stain your carpet, rugs. Dog stain? Ciao. Soda spill? Au Revoir. Hungover buddy's remains? Adios. The Bissel SpotBot has both hands free and manual cleaning tools. Using a unique spiral brush design the Bissel SpotBot will remove stains nearly as fast as you can

Better Energy Solio Magnesium Edition

Solio.Magnesium.Edition.jpgWe enjoy the outdoors like everyone else. It’s our little bit of freedom away from the office, whether it’s a weekend camping trip to the mountains, an excursion to the North Pole, or a safari through Tanzania, we can’t be without the essentials

Philips 42″ Eco TV doubt many guys make power comsumption their first thought when buying a new flatscreen tv, but if there are those of you who crossover between environmentalist and electronic enthusiast then the Philips Eco TV is for your. Beyond having 4 HDMI inputs, 25

Banana Republic Linen Modern White Shirt

Banana.Republic.Linen.Modern.White.Shirt.jpgA crisp clean linen shirt is a Spring staple item. Personally, I'm endorsing the Banana Republic Linden Modern White Shirt. Whatever the occasion it's important to have a classic piece like this white short-sleeve in your wardrobe. It's perfect with a pair of

Help I Have A Headache Tablet Pack

Help.I.Have.A.Headache.Tablet.Pack.jpgThis package is pretty ingenius, not only for it's packaging but it's premise. It's a 12 pack of nearly pure 500mg acetaminophen tablets. The folks at Help Remedies have avoided using dyes and coatings many companies now use to dress up their pills

Johnston & Murphy Resha Thong

johnston.and.murphy.resha.thong.jpgBrian here, I'm on a casual shoe kick and the Resha Thong is being added to my wardrobe as we speak. It's a sandal comprised of a waxed veal strap with a leather lining an cushioned insole for comfort - basically it's not

Crocs Santa Cruz


Crocs aren't just rubber waterproof shoes (Ed: thank god because I think they're fugly). The Santa Cruz is a shoe that says relaxed attitude without trying and slot somewhere right between boat shoe and a casual beach style. They're made of canvas and come