Feets like a glove

Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

It’s no secret we love our Vibram Five Fingers. But despite how their revolutionary take on footwear, there are still some downsides. Occasions that require “regular shoes” still exist, but lack the au natural feeling a pair of Five Fingers provide. Merrell’s take on a solution is designing a shoe-like, well, shoe that replicate the...

When the going gets tough, the tough get equipped

Ultimate Survival Kit Part II: Urban Warrior

We were about two 12 packs deep into our weekly man meeting (a time when my friends and I are granted a hall pass from our ladies). It started as a simple discussion of “what if the zombies came”, and quickly evolved to earthquakes (and other natural disasters), riots, terrorist attacks or various other situations...

Death to Protein Powder Globs

Blender Bottle

Situation: It’s been a hard workout. Your body is craving protein. To satiate, you make a protein shake, but globs of chocolate protein powder hover around the surface of the glass. You shake, stir, curse, but no amount of force will break it up. Sound familiar? A recent procurement from the local health store has...

Calling An Audible on Hoodies

Rusty Wired Jacket

Upon joining Gear Patrol, I was given the writer mandate: Go forth and find unique and amazing gear. Now, it will vary by writer and reader taste, but a recent find that’s worth your attention is the Rusty’s Wired Series Jacket ($50). This all in one jacket with built-in headphones is worth some attention.

Carbonation Goodness At The Push Of A Button

Sodastream Genesis

It’s simple really: bubbles, water and sweetener. Why can’t soda (aka “pop”) be created at home? Well, the days of solely purchasing your favorite carbonated beverages at the local store are over. Soda can literally be created, cheaply, at the push of a button with a Sodastream Genesis ($100).

This FPS Has Plenty of "OMG, WTF!" Moments

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The men of Gear Patrol are connoisseurs of the finest things, and video games are not exception. That’s why, when Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released, we felt it imperative to thoroughly test the newest big FPS (first person shooter) and pass along our thoughts to you. The Battlefield franchise has long been known for...



Soft drinks have become too complicated. Consider, a myriad of ingredients that are not easily pronounced by the common man, an over abundance of sugars and dyes, and a massive amount of carbohydrates. In our (ongoing) search for a simplistic, healthy, yet tasty drink we discovered Tejava. Tejava comes in a large glass bottle and...

The Perfect Pack For The Trail

Mountainsmith Lumbar Day Pack

As gear testers, we are always on the lookout for the best gear for every aspect of our lives. A long hunt for the perfect bag suitable for the trail has finally been achieved (at least in this author’s opinion).

A Watched Pot Does Boil

Jetboil Flash | Win This!

At Gear Patrol, we look for excuses to be outdoors. Any weekend we can steal away from the comforts of home are welcomed and testing gear is always a bonus. On our weekend adventures, hot water is an absolute necessity. With a splash of hot water, coffee and food can be conceived in no time....

Smooth Skin from Bump Patrol

Shaving With Bump Patrol

Shaving is an art; it’s a male ritual to be appreciated, never rushed. We here at Gear Patrol take great pleasure in shaving, and, when the opportunity came to test a new shaving product, we jumped at the opportunity. Bump Patrol (no relation to Gear Patrol, but rather, confirms that patrols of all sorts are...

Not Your Father's Walking Stick

Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Poles

People have been using trekking poles on the trails for years. If you’ve ever seen someone wielding them, you might have thought they looked a little goofy and were unnecessary. After recently attending a workshop on hiking the John Muir Trail, this hiker found out that trekking poles were an absolute necessity.  When I began...

Campfire Cooking Shouldn't Be Back-Breaking

GSI Hard Anodized Dutch Oven

When it comes to food preparation, cast iron skillets do wonders, but after spending my fair share of time with a cast iron skillet I’ve come to realize two probelms: one, they weigh a metric ton and require a measured degree of maintenance. The solution to my problem? A GSI Hard Anodized Aluminum Dutch Oven.

Be A Better Man In 30 Days | Day 26: Know Your Firearms (and How to Use Them)

Disclaimer: GP is well aware that the subject of firearms and their use can be sensitive or controversial for some. It’s important to note that articles, like this, are opinions and experiences of our crew members and reader submissions. Whether your personal beliefs reside in one camp or another, we’re firm supporters of being educated...

Literally Saving My Ass

Probiotics | Acidophilus Pearls

I was recently crewing an independent short film and, by day five of 14+ hour work days with greasy fast food, my stomach and digestive system staged a painful revolt (commencing at 3am, no less). I searched high and low for anything to quell this monster and, in desperation, turned to a friend who had...

The Evolution of Espresso


Like most of the writers here at Gear Patrol, I’ve developed an addiction and a fine appreciation for caffeine. A straight cup of black coffee is my standard, but I like to up the ante with an occasional shot of espresso. I’ve owned the nice combo machines that froth the milk and pull shots, but...

Be Prepared. For Anything.

Bug Out Bag (aka: Ultimate Survival Kit)

Recently, when the sky turned black in the middle of the afternoon over my Orange County home, I started thinking about survival. The fires were burning in several directions within five or six miles, and I knew there might be a chance I would need to evacuate. Thankfully, the fires didn’t burn any closer, but I knew...

A Gripping, First-Hand Account from a WWI Soldier

Storm of Steel

As men, rightly or wrongly, we are judged by our bookshelves. Our reading choices speak to who we are intellectually, as well as what kind of men we are. Every man’s bookshelf should contain a book about war, and one of my favorites is Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger. Jünger was a German soldier...

The Notebooks of Legend

Moleskine Notebooks

A few years back, I read an article that talked about how writing by hand stimulates pressure points that inspire creativity. I was searching for the perfect journal in which to  inscribe my thoughts and dreams, and I heard of a “legendary notebook” that was used by Van Gogh, Chatwin, and Hemingway. Upon some further...

Lomography: LC-A

I have invested several thousand dollars into my digital photography habit, but, oddly enough, I find far more enjoyment in playing with a Russian-built film camera. The Lomographic Society International (LSI) has started a grassroots-style movement that encourages people to return to using their old-school film cameras. These cameras are fed with the once quite...

Canon 5D Mark II

It Might Just Change The Way You Shoot Photographs – For Good. There is something magical that happens when you pick up the new Canon 5D Mark II. Everything from eyeing the full-frame shot, to hitting the 3.9fps shutter, to finally seeing the image in all its glory on the crisp, sharp, full-framed 920,000 pixel...

Dan Finkelstein | New Gear Patrol Contributor

From Patrick Tuttle: As you can see from his photo, Dan Finkelstein needs no credit from me to be considered man enough for Gear Patrol. Dan contributes for GP out of Long Beach, CA and, as you will soon read below, has a taste for many of life’s more primal simpler pleasures. An outdoors type,...

Kuru Halcyon

Performance Outdoor Footwear When it comes to shoes, I’m a minimalist. Trail runners, dress shoes, and sneakers – what more does a guy need? Well, often there comes a need for a shoe that maintains the style and class of a dress shoe, yet provides the comfort and functionality of a sneaker. Kuru bridges the...

Crime by Alix Lambert

Extraordinary Interviews Exposing the World of Crime – Real and Imagined Admit it… you’ve thought about it: the allure and grandeur of a criminal lifestyle. It’s perfectly natural. Crime goes the extra mile picking the brains of bank robbers and killers, as well as the directors and actors who portray such personalities and events. Alix...

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