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Racer Redux

Schott Fitted Cafe Racer 660

It took a bit longer than usual this year for a mass of chill autumn air to displace the sweltering summer here in the East. Suddenly, we find ourselves amidst days and nights that call for stylish protection from the newly-arrived

Foul Weather? Hardly a Concern

Optishot Golf Simulator

It's easy for golf to become a raging passion - one that can easily consume your free time, your disposable income, your thought energy, and even your pride. To make matters worse, the chill that we feel in the air this

Zoom-Zoom Concentrated

First Look: 2011 Mazda2

Last month, Gear Patrol was invited to be amongst the very first folks in North America to get keys to the brand new 2011 Mazda2. Naturally, we were keen to accept the offer where we sojourned to Montreal to get our

Longer. Straighter. What Else to Want?

Callaway FT-iZ Driver

The Gear Patrol golf gurus recently got our grubby little hands on the Callaway Golf's latest tee box terror, the FT-iZ driver. If we were less than surprised by the club's performance, it's only because we've come to expect a

The Best of College Football (sans smuggling Bourbon in your pants)

NCAA Football 11

Depending in part on how and where you spent your formative years, you should understand the following statement: nothing in the sporting world compares to the excitement of college football. Of course, you're entitled to disagree or to blow your vuvuzela in

Fancy Yourself Upwardly Mobile

Timbuk2 Limited Edition Tour de France Climber Messenger Bag

Cyclists and cycling fans are no doubt enthralled to see their sport's premier event, the Tour de France, underway and in full swing. It's only appropriate then that Timbuk2, a company that consistently tops the podium in messenger bag design and

The Real Freaks Come Out At Night

Crackdown 2

Taking place 10 years after the events of Crackdown, 2007's Xbox 360 hit, the sequel offers a return to Pacific City. However, this go-round, the city isn't overrun by a variety of crime syndicates - instead it's been destroyed by

Your High-Def Memory Aid

Toshiba Camileo X100 HD Camcorder

After enjoying years of success in Europe, Toshiba has chosen 2010 to bring their Camileo line of high-definition digital camcorders to us here in the United States. Avid readers will know that we're big fans of pocket-sized HD recorders, but sometimes

Confirmed Cure to Swamp Ass

Slix Closer Boxer Brief

Your preference in underwear has likely evolved as you've grown older. That means that the way you roll today is probably different from your high school or even college garb, as you expect more from every piece of clothing in your

Leaner, Meaner, and Back in Black

Xbox 360 Slim

The new Xbox 360 Slim ($300) has landed. A decidedly Alienware-ish looking console, the Xbox 360 Slim has called 1-800-Evil-Jenny and dropped the weight with a slimmer, glossy-black case design that features touch-sensitive buttons (sounds a bit like Xbox and PS3

El Diablo Rojo

Callaway Diablo Edge Driver

For skilled and not-so-skilled amateur golfers alike, finding a driver that one can pick up and hit long, straight, and reliably is no easy task. That's why clubmakers continue to push the boundaries of design science just as far as the USGA

Because Getting It Clean Shouldn't Take Hard Work

Ionic Clean Washing System

There's nothing, and we mean nothing, quite like the feeling of a clean car. In fact, it's been proven (through our highly-scientific testing process) that a spiffy ride really does drive better. Typically, that means adding a trip

Because You Asked For It: More of Rory's Hair

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Just like flip-flops and sunburned skin, the arrival of summer heralds the arrival of the king of video game golf; yes, it's time for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 from EA Sports. Released today, this year's version

Because You Can't Hit What You Can't See

Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball Putter

When one thinks about innovation in golf design, it's hard not to conjure the infamous shape of the Odyssey 2-Ball. When it was first released back in 2001, the 2-Ball's aesthetics seemed decidedly funky. However, it didn't take golfers long to

Device Protection with Rugged Panache


You're probably familiar with products by ZAGG, as ads for their award-winning invisibleSHIELD gadget protection dot the internet landscape (our experience shows them to be as beastly and protective as ZAGG claims them to be). Further worming their way

Awesomely Geeky Projects to Share with Your Kids

Geek Dad by Ken Denmead

As a dad and as something of a geek, it's only natural that this editor would be a fan of Wired's GeekDad blog. It's a parenting site like no other, as a visit is likely to

Feel Fight the Burn

Scape Athlete Sunblock

Regardless of the time of year or climatic adversity, many of our readers are committed to getting out of doors and doing their thing. We applaud this effort and feel much the same, even if half of our motivation is the

Because Proper Hydration is Key

BogeyPro Covert Cooler

If you're anything like us, the ever-improving weather that this time of year provides acts like an irresistible magnetic force pulling you away from your desk or other responsibilities to the place you truly belong. We're talking about

Wicks Quick

Outdoor Research Swift Tee

Around the country, humidity and temperatures seem to be on the rise. That bodes well for outdoor activities, but means that sweat stands to soon be your constant companion. That's why, whether hiking, camping, or just cutting the grass, the Outdoor

Rufus Shirts | Giveaway Winner!

rufus-shirts-giveaway-gear-patrol-winner Here at Gear Patrol, the only thing better than finding the latest and greatest products to tell you about is when we actually get to share them with you. Not to long ago, we introduced you to Rufus Shirts, with

Give It The (Right) Shaft

UST Mamiya AVIXCore Tour Red Shaft


The weather is warming, a gentle breeze is blowing, and with each passing day, the walls of your office get a wee bit tighter. That's just what we can spring. The lure to get outside is powerful and your favorite golf

What Sore Muscles Knead

The Grid Foam Roller

mat-gear-patrol There are plenty of good reasons to incorporate a foam roller into your workout or post-workout regimen, particularly when the roller you choose is as durable and full-featured as The Grid from Trigger Point Therapy. Offered in both orange

This Crowd-Pleasing Koozie Keeps Your Drinks Quite Cozy

Six Pack Tote by Built NY

built-six-pack-cozy-gear-patrol In case you haven't heard, neoprene is not just for wetsuits anymore. The soft, stretchy material has a variety of uses thanks to its bevy of benefit and it would seem that the folks at Built NY have mastered

Sharp Design, Sharp Performance

Vizio Razor VM230XVT 23″ LED LCD HDTV

vizio-razor-vm230xvt-led-hdtv Gear Patrol loves our Vizio TVs. The only argument we have is in trying to decide what we like better - their excellent HDTV offerings or the smoking prices at which they are offered. That's why we didn't hesitate when

Ancient Deities Behaving Badly

God of War III (PS3)

kratos So in case you didn't know it, this is big - as in Mount Olympus big. Released today, God of War III is to the PS3 what Halo 3 was to Microsoft's Xbox 360. It's a massive action hit and the

More Uroboros Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Resident Evil 5 | Untold Stories

desperateescape We're always open to revisit one of our favorite games of recent days, and a fresh infusion of top-notch content is the perfect excuse. Capcom has provided that very thing for their hit Resident Evil 5, which was easily one

The Sweet Smell of Cleaner Exhaust

Lehr Propane-Powered Eco Blower

lehr-propane-blower-gear-patrol Last spring, we drew your attention to Lehr and their innovative trimmer powered not by gasoline but by clean-burning propane delivered in familiar camping-style cylinders. We were impressed all the way around. Now, we're happy to report that the folk

Tyler Jones | New Gear Patrol Contributing Intern

From Dusty Overby: I hope you'll all join us in welcoming another new member to the Gear Patrol fraternity, Tyler Jones. We found this promising lad wandering round our southern HQ, seemingly lost amidst the swell of men's sites that he regularly peruses. The wizened talent scouts we are, we

Porter Cable Drill Kit Giveaway Winner!

winner-porter-cable-drill-kit-giveawaySo we can only assume that many of you are saddled with sizable to-do lists, as we received a veritable crap-load of entries in our Porter Cable 18V Lithium Drill Kit Giveaway. As always, we're grateful to each of you who

Back in Black

Booq Mamba Shift Laptop Backpack


If you seek modern, urban transport for your bevy of carry-needs, Booq is a name to know. Their various bags and backpacks are nothing if not slick. Easily handling any 13" to 17" laptop of the Mac or PC variety,

Less Is Not Necessarily More

Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Series | Boccieri Golf

heavy-putter-mid-weight-gear-patrol A putter is an infinitely personal thing. That's why you see such a disparity in the equipment used by even the best players in the world; some wield mallets, others blades, and some prefer scoop-backs. Some putters are set up as

The Right Product for Keeping Your Favorite Toys Clean

Pledge Electronics

pledge-for-electronicsYes, we know many of you may feel it's lame that we're writing about a common household cleaning product, but the truth is that this stuff is a must-have for anyone who loves their gadgets. Specially formulated to be oil-free and

Chumby By Way of Sony

Sony Dash Internet Viewer


Back in January, you might have noticed a flurry of online chatter related to the category-bucking Sony Dash. After reviewing the product's specs and features announced in the device's initial press release, we were slightly disappointed to learn that the

One Guru's Thoughts On Becoming Indispensable

Linchpin by Seth Godin

linchpin_seth_godinNormally, we'd never showcase any kind of book dealing with those grey area subjects such as self-help or self-improvement. That's because, in the majority of situations, these books really boil down to self-aggrandizing dribble spat out by "experts" whose only credentials

Functional Works of Art

Kitchen Balloon Shakers


Seasoning shakers rarely ever see any attention from anyone outside of the folks at Bed, Bath, and Beyond who continuously strive to find new ways to repackage and sell the same old stuff. So when we come across something like these,

Because a Clean Paint Brush is a Happy Paint Brush

Ryobi Paint Brush Cleaner

ryobi-paint-brush-cleaner-gear-patrol There's no better way to freshen, brighten, personalize, or revive your home than with a fresh coat of paint. This author has seen his fair share of interior latex flung far and wide, from wall to wall. Within a year of