Because eventually the batteries will die

Suunto MC-2G Global Navigator Compass

It goes without saying that technology has the ability to enhance your outdoor experience, but too much reliance can also be a curse. Limitations like battery life, the weather and even Earth’s magnetic regions can affect your adventure tech’s performance. So, when determining your navigation needs, consider the Suunto MC-2G Global Navigator Compass. The MC-2G...

Author, TV host, all around badass

30 Minutes With: Steven Rinella

Lately on Sunday nights we’ve found ourselves glued to the TV watching the Travel Channel’s new show, The Wild Within with Steven Rinella. Rinella, a life-long outdoorsman and avid hunter on a quest to recapture the spirit and skills of our ancestors as he travels the globe in search of food, living by his own...

Keep the lights on

Goal Zero Sherpa Adventure Kit

It’s time to concede: modern adventure must often rely on technology even though, in our minds, we are still “getting off the grid.” Base camps have their share of GPS devices, satellite phones, computers and lights that need heavy batteries. With one of Goal Zero’s Sherpa Adventure Kits ($359-$2,219) you can rest assured the lights...

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Authentic Vintage Auto Posters

Tired of your old lady decorating the house with the same tired, vintage art-nouveau “French” posters we all recognize from Pottery Barn catalogs? Fight back with one-of-a-kind vintage auto and motorcycle prints from Vintage Auto Posters. Classic Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari prints can add some masculinity to your home while oozing the subtle class...

The Bomb(er), literally

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk

Even the most prolific jetsetter needs to land every once in a while to recharge his body, devices and get some work done. Luckily, the B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk allows aviation and history buffs to take a piece of the sky with them. This limited edition desk from MotoArt combines functional art and rich...

Naughty and nice

Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is its tendency to remind us what is really important… important things like the sheer thrill of racing down a snow blanketed slope of precarious grade, red-faced with tears of joy streaming out the corners of our eyes, ignoring the warnings and caution of mothers as...

Say hello to our little friend

The Smoking Gun

Just because winter is upon us, doesn’t mean we are abandoning our desire to produce perfectly smoked barbeque. Next time you are standing outside, hands numb and freezing, attempting to feed wood chips or pellets into your favorite smoker, consider an alternate option: The Smoking Gun ($99) smoker. This petite 2 pound package uses an...

A Boot for Life

Red Wing Iron Ranger 8111 Boots

Inspired by the “Iron Rangers” from the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota, the Iron Ranger boot from Redwing Shoes speaks of the city’s people and way of life: simple, tough, determined. Meticulously handcrafted in the USA for the last 95 years, Redwing makes shoes for the reality of life. The Iron Ranger is not...

Bump Up Your Set

Park & Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net

We’ve all been there: you’re in the park trying to set up a flimsy volleyball net that crumbles with a gust of wind or the ball even grazing the net. Often much to the amusement of onlookers. The incredibly sturdy and easy to assemble Park and Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net System ($263) solves that....

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