Thanks, Dr. Bose

Amar Bose: More Than Just a Man and His Speakers

Dr. Amar Bose passed away several weeks ago, after what can only be described as an incredibly productive life as an innovator, scholar, designer and mastermind behind some fantastic products that made lots of customers very happy.

Into Leather?

Best Custom Watch Straps

There are dozens -- if not hundreds -- of guys making custom leather straps these days, and a few doing nylon. You can too. All it really takes is some serious time on Google and YouTube looking for information, a leather supplier, a few knives, needle and thread, and Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of practice. In case you don’t have that kind of time, we’ve rounded up some top current strap makers for your sampling pleasure. And lest you think these guys are dilettantes, at least two of them parlayed their passion into an OEM manufacturing concern for well-known watch brands.

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Five Quartz Watches We Wouldn’t Be Ashamed to Wear

While haute horlogerie is all about insane complications these days, even basic mechanicals are lots of fun when we get to peek under the hood. But quartz watches? They give one the feeling of an absolute black box: no clue what goes on in there. So sure, we'd rather go mechanical, but to overlook quartz watches is to ignore unique performance and a form-follows-function vibe in some pretty cool purpose-built watches. Quartz timepieces are, by their very nature, more accurate and often more comfortable to wear than their mechanical forebears. Sometimes those traits are welcome, like when you're swinging a golf club, marching into battle or just lifting a cold one on a hot afternoon. We take a look at a few electromechanical beasts that would add some much-needed variety to your watch box.

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Breakdown: Tissot T-Race Touch

In this age of touchscreens, electronic this, and digital that, you might be thinking the good old analog timepiece -- you know, actual hour and minute hands pointing to numbers on a dial -- might be in grave danger. This is especially true in racing applications where hundredths of a second are pretty important. As if to reach an accord, the recently released Tissot T-Race Touch ($575) combines the best of the digital and analog worlds. We break it down.

Calling All Top Guns

Want This, Get This: Breitling Navitimer 01 or Sinn 903 St

Pilots are daring. They wear cool clothes. They have sunglasses that are named after their profession. If you fit the mold -- or even if you don't -- no one will blame you for some "finest form of flattery", and a pilot's watch is an excellent way to do it. In this week's Want This, Get This, we compare two prime examples: the Breitling Navitimer 01 and the Sinn 903 St.

Polo Anyone?

Timekeeping Icon: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Over the years the Reverso -- created in 1931 as a watch that could withstand the rigors of a polo game -- has seen countless versions, alleged patent squabbles, clones and wannabes from both sides of the Atlantic, a brief suspension of production, and perhaps even a flirtation with quartz. We delve into the storied past of this absolute icon.

The good kind of drag

Reel Deal: Five Best Fly Reels

In fly fishing, the rod is the rock star. It gets all the attention when you’re bragging about the big one from your last trip. On the other hand, reels are the unsung heroes. They’re the ones that make the sweet music (they really do – listen to a big fish running against one sometime), the ones that make catching big fish possible. We round up our five favorites.

Fly Fishing
You've learned to cast, now treat yourself

Thrown For a Loop: Five Great Fly Rods

Famed fly fishing writer John Gierach once wrote a book called Standing in a River Waving a Stick. Well, fly fishing looks a lot like that. And the stick in question is a fly rod. It’s the rod that throws the line that carries the fly to the fish. To those who aren’t familiar with fly fishing, all fly rods look the same. They are anything but.

Fly Fishing
It all starts here

A Beginner Fly Fisherman’s Primer

So you watched A River Runs Through It on cable the other night and, your brother’s gambling issues aside, you’ve decided to try fly fishing. What do you need? Well, you could start with just a hardware store rod, reel & line, a few flies in a plastic box, and some clothes you don’t mind trashing. But you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you have some decent gear in hand. Lucky you -- we've got everything you need right here.

Fly Fishing
Inside the head of a typical addict

Why Fly Fish?

I’ve heard that question answered a lot of different ways in 23 years of flinging sharp wire & feathers at the finned ones. For some, it borders on the mystical. People talk of otherworldly feelings or suspension of time (as in time spent fishing doesn’t count against your allotment here on planet Earth). For others it’s a religious experience.

Fly Fishing
Mortgage house, book ticket, feed soul

Have Rod, Will Travel: Three Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations

If you have a hankering for more exotic fish than you can find in the nearest stream, river, or lake, consider packing a bag with a few travel rods and the rest of your gear and giving destination fly fishing a try. That's all well and good (great, really), but as always, you should strive for the cream of the crop. Here are three trips worthy of the bucket list of any fly fisher.

Fly Fishing
Don't call it a video game

iRacing: the Best Racing Simulator Out There

You’re sitting on the grid at Road America in a classic Lotus 79. The red turns green and you light ‘em up. Accelerating hard down the front straight, you dice for racing room with two or three dozen other drivers around the world before pouring into turn one. Yep, you read that right. Those other drivers aren’t FROM around the world, they ARE around the world. This is internet racing on

Prepare for a Watch Nerd Overload

Primer: Baselworld 2013

If you like your watches and pay any attention at all to the watch industry, then you know about BASELWORLD, the annual industry show in Basel, Switzerland. Otherwise, you may never have heard about the exhibition, which is the wristwatch equivalent of the Detroit Auto Show and takes place April 25th to May 2nd. There’s plenty of fine jewelry too, for those who like sparkly things -- but we’re here to talk watches. We'll round up our favorite new timepieces after the dust settles, but until then, here's a bit of a primer on one of our favorite events of the year.

Original Series
California Dreaming, By Way of Switzerland

A Fresh Breeze of Old-School Automotive: Xetum Kendrick Collection

The XETUM Kendrick ($995), introduced this week, is the third watch collection to be released by relative horological newcomer Jeffrey Kuo since he founded XETUM several years ago. Kuo designs his collections around a singular California-modern vision of a vintage performance aesthetic; his previous models, the Tyndall and the Stinton, were inspired by pilot watches and instruments of times gone by. While the Kendrick continues the vintage theme, it takes inspiration from classic automotive instrumentation.


Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2: Literally Bombproof

If you’re looking for a bombproof watch, the Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2 should be in your sights. Not only has its massive 44 x 20 millimeter case been pressure tested to 300 bar (the equivalent of 3,000 meters of water pressure), it was subsequently blown up with 10 pounds of C4 in an explosive detonation test conducted by the U.S. Special Forces (damn... the crystal got scratched).

Order it this minute, man

Minuteman MM01 PVD

Samuel Adams and Paul Revere would be proud of this one. The Minuteman MM01 PVD ($398+), a handsome timepiece, is built by the CGA Company in the great state of Ohio. A portion of the profits from sales will go to selected charities focusing on veterans of the US Armed Forces, a worthy cause indeed.

Night Moves


The new Luminox RECON NAV SPC ($450) (that’s reconnaissance team navigation specialist for you civilians out there) is 46 millimeters of tough black carbon-reinforced polycarbonate strapped down with a specially designed synthetic strap. It's got all the trappings of an orienteer's best friend.


ForTiTude Titanium Spinning Reel

ForTiTude Fishing's titanium spinning reel ($490) is stronger than the traditional aluminum and won’t rust or pit. This is especially vital in saltwater, where the elements attack gear like a piranha on a naive tourist's leg. The solid titanium construction is also 30% lighter than aluminum. That means slinging your Rapala at the weed line all day won't make you quite as stiff.

British elegance and a seafaring tradition

Arnold & Son HMS1

Even a gear guy puts on a tux once in a while. The new HMS1 ($15,165) from Arnold & Son is just the watch for the occasion. It’s sleek and elegant in 18K rose gold, with an anthracite dial and hand-stitched alligator strap. The HMS1’s classic nautical styling is steeped in the 249-year history of...

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