Lets Talk Soviet Strength

Meet Pavel Tsatsouline, King of the Kettlebells

Some know him as the "Evil Russian", others as the kettlebell guy. Whatever you call him, Pavel Tsatsouline is one of the most important names in strength training.

A Thorough Guide to Listening the Right Way

How to Upgrade Your Music Library

Even the best speakers and amps are only as good as the source material you play through them. Garbage in, garbage out. The solution? Get more out of the tunes you love by upgrading your music library.

Playing the Field

Field Watch Buying Guide

Field watches tend to be ignored among the tool watch set, mostly because their definition is a bit less clear than divers' or pilots' watches. In fact, a field watch's rugged build and clear dial markings makes it the perfect candidate for all sorts of expeditions.

150 Miles, 4 Bikes, 1 Dairy Farm

Cycling the South Island, A Film

What happens when four friends go cycling in New Zealand? Alpine lakes, nudity and one man's quest to drink raw milk.

The New Zealand Issue
A Travel Guide to New Zealand

Lands Afar

We traveled to New Zealand this winter to see what adventure looks like on the opposite side of the planet.

Powder Power

Outlaw Sweat with Body Powders

Wetsuits are cool. Wet suits aren't. Avoid them by hitting the body powder during summer.

Summer Preview 2015
Wheels for the working man

10 Commuter Bikes for Any Budget

The commuter bike is no longer just an old-school mountain bike with a potpourri of parts and shaky wheels. The fitness-minded and the eco-friendly, along with those who simply want to have fun getting around, have changed the game.

Smile, You're On Camera

The New Guard of Home Security

Is Scout Alarm the home security solution for the next generation? We spent a few months with it to find out.

Sporting Days

Postcard: Target Practice

1:15 p.m. ET | Dover Plains, NY -- We've been enthusiastically told no fewer than four times that "trap shooting is golf with guns", but equating an activity that uses twelve-gauge shotguns to explode clay targets with the world of outlandish polo shirts and John Daly seems like a gross disservice.

Sportsman Issue
10 New Obstacles and "Urban Mudder" in 2015

Is Tough Mudder’s Newest Obstacle Tear Gas?

Tough Mudder, which currently produces 150 events in 7 countries, will add 10 new obstacles, redesign its existing obstacles and launch a brand new event series called Urban Mudder.

The Capital of Scotland

72 Hours in Edinburgh

A quick travel guide to Scotland's wonderful capital city.

The Scotland Issue
A little fermented curd will do the trick

Tasting Five Great Scottish Cheeses

You can have your camembert, langres and morbier, friend. It's about time we ate some Scottish cheeses.

The Scotland Issue
Inner Hebrides, Outer Reaches

72 Hours in the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is not your average island getaway. But if it's adventure you seek, board a ferry at once.

The Scotland Issue
What Ancient Landslips Wrought

Photo Essay: Hiking the Storr

As we drove toward the Storr we could see the cliffs and the jagged rock pinnacles rising in the distance, partially obscured by clouds.

The Scotland Issue
Austria-Built, Scotland-Tested

Quick Spin: Mercedes-Benz G350 BlueTEC

On a road trip your car becomes your home. As we discovered over 1,000 miles in Scotland, the Mercedes Benz G350 BlueTEC is a damn good home.

The Scotland Issue
20 Slices of Pie. Repeat.

The HIIT Workout Is Your Secret Weapon This Holiday Season

You’re outnumbered. At the time of battle you are one man up against a battalion of holiday comestibles so enticing and made with such love that it’s near impossible to imagine not eating them all: cheeses and charcuterie, spiced pistachios, herbed popovers, potato mash, various crostini of unknown constituents, assorted root vegetables -- roasted -- cassoulet, a standing rib roast. It’s not like you haven’t been wading through poultry and roasted meats since Thanksgiving. Plus, the harsh reality is that between extra-fortified eggnog and Champagne you’re two sheets, approaching three, to the wind.

Carving a Winner

Prepare A Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey, Like a Pro

The Thanksgiving turkey is the one dish each year that’s make or break, and it’s all yours. Get the turkey right and you'll be giving warm handshakes and sipping bourbon all night; dry it out and you’ve brought a dark cloud over the extended family. The good news is, roasting the big bird is easier than running the fumblerooski against the in-laws -- and that works every year. To find the most direct route to turkey perfection, we consulted with chef Harold Moore for his foolproof recipe.

In [hot] vino veritas

Mulled Wine, 3 Ways

Mulled wine is the perfect drink for the holiday season: just pleasant and alcoholic enough to warm everyone up, but not like handing out rounds of high-octane Manhattans that could turn Thanksgiving dinner into an episode worthy of Jenny Jones. We tapped the expertise of Jane Elkins, former and current barkeep at some of New York City's best cocktail haunts, for three variations of mulled wine, each rooted in tradition and brushed up with ingenuity from behind her bar.

Fully-Loaded Underwear

Athos Apparel

Athos' electromyography sensor-laced compression clothing brings something fundamentally new to wearable biosensors, reminding us that we’re not on our way for a sci-fi world in which data streams from our shirts, shorts, sports bras, baby onesies and boxers -- we're already there.

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