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Reading About Drinking

The Punch Bowl by Dan Searing

Henny Youngman once said, “when I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.” We like to channel the comedian’s wise words by only reading about books that champion drinking, like The Punch Bowl ($10)
Two casks, one great whiskey

Tasting Notes: Bowmore Islay Darkest 15-Year Single Malt Scotch

Bowmore produces a full range of Scotch whiskeys, from the entry-level 12 year old bottle to the 25-year, plus some really rare drams that sell for thousands at auction. One of the most interesting in the whole lineup though is
From Peru to you

Tasting Notes: Pisco Portón

In the mid-to-late 1800s, pisco was all over San Francisco, shipped up the coast from Peru to quench the thirst of hopeful gold miners who moved west in 1849. Pisco Punch was the most popular cocktail at the time, and in

Before Gin, there was Genever

Tasting Notes: Bols Genever

Originally produced as medicine in the late 1500s by a Dutch chemist, genever was a spirit distilled from malt wine. It was strong and not particularly tasty, but juniper berries and herbs were added to improve the flavor. Soon genever was

Nothing says love and appreciation like liquor

Tasting Notes | Father’s Day Cocktail: The Boulevardier

Your dad. The guy who taught you most of what you know, including the nuances of fine whiskey and the satisfaction of working with your hands. This year, combine both of those valuable life skills to craft Dad a well-deserved

Drink your dinner: Chicken-infused booze

Tasting Notes: Del Maguey Mezcal

For years, the mythical spirit mezcal (also spelled mescal) was considered to be Mexican moonshine and often associated with cheap, fiery liquor housing a worm. While the worm was merely a marketing gimmick employed by certain producers, mezcal lives on and

Big whiskey in small batches

Tasting Notes: Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Bourbon itself is a manly drink, but ratchet up the proof to 120 – that’s 60% alcohol – and you’re operating on an entirely different level. Of course, we discerning drinkers care about more than just alcohol content. After all, when’s

The green fairy, made in America

Tasting Notes: Vieux Carré Absinthe

After decades of misinformation and smear campaigns that resulted in absinthe’s being outlawed in the United States since 1915, it was reintroduced to the market in 2007. Slow adoption has since sped up, and these days absinthe can be found in

Single malts don’t just come from Scotland

Tasting Notes: Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Historically, Knappogue Castle Irish whiskeys have been bottled according to the year of their distillation and labeled with a vintage date, similar to wine. But last year, in an effort to better reflect the age of their whiskeys, Knappogue Castle introduced

Because bitter is better

Tasting Notes: Campari

Bright red and bitingly bitter, Campari is a solid addition to any well-stocked home bar. The Italian aperitif is sucked down like water in Western Europe, and while it’s found a spot on bar shelves across the U.S., it’s still an

Too smooth to shoot

Tasting Notes: Partida Añejo Tequila

The days of shooting bad tequila with salt and a lime are nearing an end. The tequila category has shaken off its sordid past and reemerged better than ever, with renewed interest in the spirit and a spate of new labels

Drink like a navy man

Tasting Notes: Black Tot Last Consignment Rum

July 31, 1970 was a tough day for British sailors as the 300 year tradition of daily rum rations ended. With the market for British Royal Naval Rum drying up, remaining stocks were stored away in warehouses laying mostly undisturbed, only