Will McGough

20 Million New Friends Await

72 Hours in Mexico City

One of the largest cities in the world still might be one of the best-kept secrets in the Western Hemisphere.

Storms and Love in Jasper National Park, Canada

Can an Expedition Be Romantic?

At first, I wondered if asking my girlfriend, an inexperienced hiker, to come with me on a three-day backpacking trip would be asking for trouble.

Burning the Day Away

Bright Regret in Alaska’s Midnight Sun

During Alaska's summer of Midnight Sun, you can hike, bike or fish in daylight at any time of day -- but only if you're able to break with life's normal schedule.

Take in The American Riviera

72 Hours in Santa Barbara

With a population of just under 100,000, Santa Barbara has a split personality: a high-end, meticulously groomed city peppered with pockets of culture and young energy.

Among the Red Rock Spires (and Power Vortexes)

72 Hours in Sedona

A town of 10,000 people at 4,000 feet, Sedona stuns its visitors with its breathtaking red sandstone formations. It's also a supposed center of spiritual healing, attracting an array of New Age thinkers, fortune-tellers and psychics.

Summer Preview 2015
A Reenactment, Courtesy of the Mudmen of Kauga

Living a Ghost Story in Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, tribal warfare is still common. Will McGough watched a reenactment of one of the country's greatest -- and most haunting -- underdog stories in person.

Skip the Crowds

72 Hours in Saba

Visiting a minuscule Caribbean Island without beaches might sound limiting, but the small size, absence of beaches and lack of infrastructure is exactly what earns Saba its nickname: the “Unspoiled Queen".

In Craft We Trust

The State of American Craft Beer

Craft beer faces a whole new set of hurdles in 2015. Where are we headed as a nation of brewers and drinkers?

Beer Week
Traditional Japan at its Finest

72 Hours in Kyoto

As the former imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is filled with more than 1,600 Buddhist temples and hundreds of Shinto Shrines, and has a restricted skyline dominated by imperial architecture.

Digging Up History on the Kalaupapa Peninsula

Finding the “Real” Hawaii in Molokai’s Leper Colony

There I was, coming down the mountain like a kid on a playground, happy to finally be in the “real Hawaii”, and all of a sudden I realized that I’d arrived at a leper colony -- one where people still lived.

Come for the Views, Stay for the Rest

At The View Hotel in Monument Valley, the Name Says it All

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they decided to name it The View Hotel. Each of the hotel’s 95 rooms features a balcony that faces directly out over the buttes of Monument Valley, providing a thrilling front-row seat for some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.

10 Hours from Wood Core to Mountain-Ready

How Custom Skis Are Made

From the client evaluation to the material selection to the tedious labor, one thing’s clear: making custom skis requires patience and skill. We recently watched the laborious creation process up close.

Portugal's majestic islands

72 Hours in the Azores

The Azores, a chain of nine islands just west of Portugal, are a melting pot of landscapes and cultures, evoking Hawaii, Scandinavia, Seattle and Wisconsin in the space of an hour.

Disagreement and an Endangered Climb

The End of Ayers Rock?

Ayers Rock, a huge, flat sandstone summit in the middle of the Australian desert, draws huge crowds. But part of that tourism involves climbing over ground that the Anangu tribe, the owners of the land, consider sacred.

Stopping to Smell the Wildflowers

Getting to Know Australia on the Larapinta Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts sometimes turn their backs on organized, outfitted tours. But as a first-time visitor to Australia, GP contributor Will McGough was glad to hike the Larapinta Trail with a handful of locals.

Road Notes
A Packable Whitewater Raft

Alpacka Raft Alpackalypse

Alpacka Raft's latest offering, the Alpackalypse, combines the feel and handling of a hardshell kayak with a form that weighs just over ten pounds and packs down to 17 inches by 11 inches -- making it still very much a backpackers raft.

Compact, Lightweight, Affordable

Kelty TN2

The Kelty TN2 is a tent for anyone who finds themselves in-between a "car camper" and "backpacker." If you can be found doing a little of this and a little of that, you will enjoy the way this tent delivers the best of both worlds for one reasonable price.

Hot Mitts

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Gloves

Though pricey, Outdoor Research's Lucent Heated Gloves, with their ability to completely eliminate cold hands, are an investment worthy of consideration for those who spend a lot of time outside during the winter.

Because There's Always More to Explore

The 12 Guys of Christmas: The Adventurer

Whether you're a thrill seeker shopping for yourself, a worried parent trying to protect your baby, a best friend looking to help a buddy shred it up, or a tagalong seeking some extra comfort, the best thing about the gift of outdoor gear is that it serves all those purposes simultaneously. These are the best adventuring gifts money can buy.

Gift Guide
Mystery in the Deep Jungle

Road Notes: Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Nearly 200 miles north of Guatemala City, in the rainforest, lie the remains of the ancient city Tikal, the capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the Maya civilization. GP contributor Will McGough headed south for a visit.

Trail Ridge Road, CO

Road Notes: Cycling America’s Highest Road

Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States, stretching from Estes Park to Grand Lake, Colorado. GP contributor Will McGough pedaled his way from end to end.

Cuban salsa, Canadian bluegrass, Welsh folk rock

Road Notes: The Rainforest World Music Festival

Where the South China Sea meets the rainforest in Malaysian Borneo, there's a music festival unlike anything in the West. GP contributor Will McGough visited to dance, bang on drums and hear some of the best music of his life.

Is there anything left to discover?

The Long Way in to Havasu Falls

Getting to Havasu Falls requires a flight to Phoenix, a five-hour drive to the Grand Canyon, and an eleven-mile hike in hundred-degree heat. And it's worth it.

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