J.Crew Seersucker Suit

May 23, 2008 Style By


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

So you’ve supplemented your summer wardrobe with a linen shirt and a good pair of flip flops. And I’m sure you already have a pair of shorts, but I bet you haven’t thought about formal ware. Yes, formal ware. I’m talking seersucker. Whether you summer in Cape Cod, the Outer Banks, or So-Cal your summer wardrobe isn’t complete until you have a seersucker suit.

As fabrics go, seersucker is the perfect for summer. Usually made from cotton, seersucker feels light and breathable. More so than any tropical weight wool suit I’ve ever owned. I think we all know that you couldn’t survive a day in the tropics in one of these.

For your seersucker needs checkout your J.Crew or go to www.jcrew.com. Memorial Day is less than a week away. Is your wardrobe ready?

What this means to you: You can leave the t-shirt, cargo shorts, and flip flops at home next time you go to a clam bake, regatta, horse race, etc…

Cost: $198 @ J.Crew