Generic Names For Soft Drinks

September 26, 2008 Editorial & Opinion By


One might argue this is more important than an electoral map… and oddly similar.

GP.EDITORIAL.gifAs a former Southerner (Tennessee) living amongst Yankees (New York), I’ve had to encounter the revelation that people in New York don’t call their soft drinks, “Coke”. They call it “Soda”. What the hell? In the South you order a Coke, then you tell them which kind. Makes perfect sense, right? Right. I don’t want clear carbonated water if I did, I’d order soda.

Even more peculiar to me was the grating derivation soft drink nomenclature, “Pop”. What the hell is “Pop”? Many of you might disagree seeing that half this map is covered in blue, but I’ll still make the argument.

Well, the team at StrangeMaps posted a map derived from the Pop Vs. Soda website (yes, there’s a Pop Vs. Soda website) and it’s oddly intriguing. We thought we’d share. The map reflects what soft drinks are referred to by county using the information gathered from 120,464 respondents. Why Gear Patrol wasn’t included in that survey remains unknown.

That’s all I wanted to say.

[as seen on: StrangeMaps]