Deo Veritas Custom Men’s Shirts

September 9, 2009 Style By

deo_veritas_front1Our quest to fill the Gear Patrol closet with great custom-fitted clothing has lead to Deo Veritas. In what is becoming a fast crowded market for custom tailored shirts offered via the internet, Deo Veritas has taken a big step forward. How, you ask? Their shirts fit amazingly well and their fabric is fantastic. No surprise that when it comes to dealing with fit, the smallest detail makes all of the difference, and Deo Veritas has paid close, very close, attention.

With Deo Veritas, not only can you have a dress shirt fit to your exact specifications, but an interactive display shows you exactly what your shirt will look like as you tweak the aesthetics. Our favorite is the fabric contrast in the inner cuff and collar. It’s just another way to make a shirt truly yours (see picture below). We also added removable collar stays, as to utilize our Würkin Stiffs Power Stays.

Before you jump into designing your own wardrobe, let’s talk fabric. How about Italian spun cotton from Tessitura Monti? Yeah, sounds good to us, too. Your Deo Veritas shirt can easily be the best shirt that you own. The fabric looks great, feels greats, and moves well as you grind through a long day at work or an equally rigorous night on the town. We found that the fabric choices go equally great with suits or jeans, depending on the audience.

deo_veritasDeo Veritas lets you chooses from a variety of fitting options. They offer standard sizing for those few people who can actually wear mass market sizes or choose from shirt or body measurement options. Once measured, you can store those measurements for future purchases. If you have never measured for a fitting before, we recommend that you go to a tailor and have your measurements taken. They’ll know where to add or adjust for the best fit.

If you have questions about what to do, Deo Veritas has several places where they provide detailed instructions and a few tips to make sure you get exactly the shirt you want. If you are someone who is still learning about fitted shirts, you’ll really appreciated this thoughtful addition.

Cost: $72+

Editor’s Note: I’ve stated before that I have a hard time finding great fitting dress shirts, and Deo Veritas’s wares have more than fit the bill. Sorry, pun intended. Between that and the approachable pricing, I’ve already placed a order for a few more shirts. Whether your stocky like me, or lanky like Ben “Beanpole” Bowers, a properly fitted shirt makes a statement. I recently walked in to a meeting with a mix of colleagues and upper management and I was easily the best dressed in the room. Not because I had the most expensive clothing, but rather, because I had gone the extra mile to make sure my clothes fit me perfectly. That makes a statement. It says that your not one to play around and that you pay attention to the finer details. Trust me, it gets noticed.