The Breach by Patrick Lee

December 29, 2009 Culture : Books By

the-breach-by-patrick-leeIf humans encountered technology millions of years advanced from today’s without having any set of instructions or reason behind it, what would we do?

The Breach centers around Travis Chase, who’s fresh out of prison and looking for solo time to regather his life in Alaska when he encounters a downed 747. The catch? Inside is a single dead passenger, the First Lady and her cryptic notes about hostages whose whereabouts are unknown. Lee’s incredibly suspenseful novel follows Chase as he uses his survival instincts, wit (being a former detective), and unique technology & weapons never before seen to fight for something that turns out to be far bigger than he or anyone expects. A fantastic winter read, The Breach is available in paperback and hopefully introduces us to what might be the next Bourne-worthy series. Our synopsis: The Breach is as terrifying as it is action packed. Result? Page turner.

We’ve embedded the trailer for the book after the jump.

Cost: $8