First class ease

Adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept Shoes

March 7, 2011 Design By VIA

We may not be able to do much about the invasive body searches, but air-travel doesn’t have to be a miserable experience in every aspect. A critical piece of gear you shouldn’t overlook are the shoes — specifically: weight, style and ease. The Adidas SLVR S-M-L Concept Shoes ($140) are designed with all three in mind by losing the cumbersome zippers, exact fitment laces and weight. They feature a 4-way stretch mesh upper for breathability, two-tone laces and SLVR’s usual blend of forward fashion and everyday usability. Plus, your sheer effortlessness will give the surly TSA agents pause, which makes them worth the price of admission alone.

Buy Now: $140