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Patina: Olympia Werke Typewriter (Photo Essay)

October 19, 2011 Uncategorized By Photo by JG

Yes, that’s actual type scanned from the Olympia. More photos and type text after the jump.

Very few days seem to go by without life being further digitized with a keynote address out in Cupertino (we’re looking at youHal Siri). As someone makes their living in digital media I enjoy it and embrace it. Technology involving 0’s and 1’s have enabled mankind to make truly amazing advances in my lifetime. With that said, it’s nice to take a step back sometimes and simplify things. For me that often means communicating analog. This Olympia Werke AG typewriter is one of my favorite ways to do that. A great find at the local Salvation Army, it’s truly a beautiful piece of engineering. Made in West Germany in the 1960’s it has the weight and finely tuned precision you’d expect from a mechanical watch. For me the curves, chrome, and faded yellow paint job of this Olympia rival the design of any new Apple product. Quirks like no “1” key, no delete button, and a lack of Wi-Fi can make for both an inspiring and frustrating writing endeavor. But, the true joy of the Olympia comes from the smile on a friend’s face and the voice mail from a sibling saying thanks for the letter… emails and text just can’t compete.

Photos by Jon Gaffney