Fanning the flames? There's an app for that.

Escea DX1500 Ultra Wide Fireplace

January 23, 2012 Home By Photo by Escea VIA

The Escea DX15000 pushes the snowball of fire-controlling skills kicked off by our ancestors to the next logical platform — the smartphone. Besides being the first-ever contained gas fireplace available with a 60-inch wide flame, the Escea DX1500 features a Smart Heat intelligent control system that allows users to manipulate the fire via a smartphone (Android & iOS) or a computer. Green-conscious consumers should note too that the Escea system captures 90% of the DX1500’s heat output and returns it back into the room via additional heat ducts installed with the fireplace.

How much the ability to burn down your house from abroad will cost is still up in the air, but somewhere in the mid four-figure range is a good guestimate. Surely, kindling the fire via the Kindle Fire is only a software tweak away.

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