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Best of 2015: Instagram

A look back at our best Instagram photos of 2015 — which captured everything from hiking in Patagonia to surfing the greens on a Golfboard.

Best of 2015
New Shit, Brought to Light

Best of 2015: Profiles and Interviews

A look back at the those people, places, sports and companies our writers profiled in 2015 — from two preeminent rock climbers to an ex-journalist-turned-brewer-extraordinaire.

Best of 2015
Tests, Reviews and Reports

Best of 2015: Gear Writing

A look back at the best our gear reviewers wrote over the course of 2015 — from a collage of patinated classics, to a trio of backcountry favorites, to headphones that span a generation.

Best of 2015
Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: Fallout 4

Because nothing beats waking up on a lazy Sunday and killing an hour or two exploring downtown, post-apocalyptic Boston, with no objectives or timers.

Best of 2015
All Told, Worth 15,000 Words

Best of 2015: Photography

A look back at the best of GP's photography over 2015 — from the beauty of mis-exposed film in the Swiss Alps to stunning images of the American West's largest wildfires.

Nerding Out at Its Best

Best of 2015: Technology

A look back at the best our tech writers spun up over the course of 2015 — from testing the best electric car in the world to a 10-player arcade cabinet that's changing gaming.

Best of 2015
Shopping Smart

Best of 2015: Buying Guides

A look back at the best buying guides of 2015 -- from to camera film to pomades to engagement rings -- that told just as much about the buyer as the products.

Best of 2015
Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: The Davek Solo Umbrella

Because it fits in any bag I own, it's got one-button functionality, it's windproof and it's lifetime guaranteed.

Best of 2015
Love Letters to Our Favorite Gear of 2015

Staff Pick: Adidas Asym Golf Shoes

Because every time I wear them, I remember that these were the shoes I was wearing when I shook Jason Day's hand.

Best of 2015
Grab a Coffee and Settle in

Best of 2015: Longform Storytelling

A look back at those deep dives on everything from the eroding of a beach town's social structure, the making of a low-budget action movie, and the plight facing wildfire fighters in the American West.

Best of 2015
Our favorite stories on GP this year

The Best of 2014: Writing

A review of the best writing published on Gear Patrol in 2014.

2014 Retrospective
For your viewing pleasure

Best of 2014: Films

We take a look back at 2014 to find the best films of the year.

2014 Retrospective
Lange Live Watchmaking

A Look Back at Germany’s Storied Watchmaker

This year Walter Lange turned 90, and the company his grandfather built celebrates 20 years since its post-Cold War rebirth. In commemoration, here's a look back at some of GP's best Lange & Söhne coverage.

Cheaper Than Tournament Tickets

Rewind: Malted Madness 2014

There's a time for relaxing with a good craft beer, but this year's Malted Madness tournament was not one of them. It took a great deal of humility, but we shelved our self-proclaimed beer snobbery for the sake of a single question: what's the best mass market beer available? It wasn't easy, but we got an answer, and some other cool articles, besides.

Bottom time

Rewind: Dive Watches

Dive watches are more popular than ever, despite most divers choosing not to wear them. Never mind. We're all for getting our watches wet. Here's a selection of our favorite dive watches and some adventures we've had with them.

Calling all watch fans

Rewind: Timekeeping 101

A resurgent interest in the mechanical timepieces has grown a whole new crop of watch enthusiasts, people hungry for not only eye candy (which we happily provide weekly), but also knowledge about wrist-based micro-engineering marvels. We're here to help. This collection of our best educational articles might just save your precious timepiece from a busted date mechanism or save you from embarrassment the next time someone asks you what a helium release valve is for. We call it Timekeeping 101.

Looking Back on the Absolute Best of 2013's Products

The Best of 2013: The GP100

We’re not the sort to grandstand, but this has been a pretty good year: we rolled out Limits, Octane and Timekeeping; we traveled to Cuba, Kenya and Indonesia; we dived with sharks in the Bahamas, drove a tank in Minnesota and ran an ultramarathon in the mountains of Vermont. We drank beer and Irish Whiskey, responsibly. Each of which, in one way or another, pales in comparison to our GP100, released in October, which honored the 100 best consumer products released during the calendar year by companies of all sizes and scope. It wasn't not a ranking or a contest. Instead, our selections represented the inspiring and the practical, the groundbreaking and the traditional, the priceless and the accessible. In short: products that defined or defied their respective categories to better the life of the modern man. Looking back, they're an excellent inspiration: you'll buy only the best products in 2014. In the meantime, aren't you still itching for those few things no one got you for Christmas...? [button]START EXPLORING[/button]


Rewind: Swimming

Our roundup of the hardest open water swims mentioned that the 100-mile plus swim between Cuba and Florida is nearly impossible, the only successful attempt having been made by a swimmer inside a shark cage. About that. 64-year-old Diana Nyad, one of endurance swimming’s greats, completed the epic slog on September 2 — and it...

Beauty After Age

Rewind: Patina

Spend some time on the web or amongst cool guys with well-groomed facial hair and you’ll hear plenty of talk about patina, a seemingly mythical quality that rarely rears its head outside of tumblr feeds. Really though, patina is just how goods are affected by time; the better the item was made, the better it...

For the Procrastinating Santa

Rewind: 12 Guys of Christmas Gift Guides

The Adventurer He shows up at Christmas dinner with new scars and less digits from his latest cage dives and winter Alpine ascents. His tales, most of them true, scare Aunt Betty to tears and enchant the kids. And while the adventurer’s gifts for you usually amount to a carved tribal trinket or a rock...

Gift Guide

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