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Still Going Strong

I Wore the Same Shirt for Weeks and it Never Stank

After a long day of hauling boxes from an old apartment to a new one, I realized that my t-shirt, despite being saturated in sweat, didn't stink. So I decided to see how far I could take it.

New Year, New Gear

Everything We Want from Outdoor Products in 2018

Sure, tint-adjustable ski goggles and ultralight trekking packs are great, but our appetite for innovative new technologies and fun new things is insatiable. We want more out of 2018.

And Making the Trip in an E-Type and Porsche 911

The Best Way to Travel Cross-Country Is in a Vintage Car

Driving across the country in a classic sports car is as romantic of a daydream as they come. Bremont Watch founders Giles and Nick English are in the middle of checking off their own list.

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