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How Yoga Can Improve Your Athletic Practice

Talking Yoga and Mountain Biking with Ryan Leech

Ryan Leech is a professional trials mountain biker, yogi and all-around nice guy. We sat down to ask him how yoga and mountain biking work together and how athletes can incorporate yoga into their own athletic practice.

The Surfing Issue
From SURFER Magazine to The Surfer's Journal

The Man at the Helm of Surfing’s Greatest Magazines

We spoke with Brendon Thomas, the past Editor-in-Chief of SURFER Magazine and current Director of Operations at The Surfer's Journal, about his new job, how surf coverage has changed and what he has to look forward to.

The Danger Issue
Answers from a Wingsuiter, Speed Climber, Arborist, Steeplejack and Polar Explorer

For These Pros, Danger is Simply Part of the Job

We asked five people with dangerous jobs -- a wingsuiter, speed climber, arborist, steeplejack and polar explorer -- how they deal with extreme risk on a daily basis.

Shades of Red, White and Blue

What We Love About America

An open-ended question about national pride produces patriotism, shame for our wrongdoings, and every shade of red, white and blue in between.

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