A New Zealand Travel Guide

Lands Afar

We sent a team of four to New Zealand this winter to see what adventure looks like on the opposite side of the planet, making our way from the North Island to the sparse reaches of South Island. We returned with wild stories, films and photo essays. Welcome to Lands Afar.

The New Zealand Issue
Cupping Coffee with Expert Bean Buyers

What Does Your Coffee Taste Like?

What's behind the "bark," "peach cobbler" or "champagne" tasting notes on your bag of coffee beans? Lots of sniffing, slurping and spooning.

Coffee Issue
Inside One of the World's Leading Watch Companies

At Seiko, Innovation and Tradition Synchronize

A visit to Japan pulls back the curtain on Seiko, whose single-minded pursuit of lofty goals often makes it appear unconcerned with larger trends.

Just Like Grandpa

A Primer on Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking is a gentlemanly art that's been lost. Here's how to take up the mantle.

Praying for Snow

Warmer Winters Mean Higher Stakes for Ski Resorts

Last year's warm winters forced big-name ski resorts to close early. Experts confirm that climate change is at play -- but foretelling the immediate future of the weather is an educated guess, at best.

Winter Preview 2015
Discerning Dressing

50 Best Menswear Shops in America

From Minnesota to Miami, these are the brick-and-mortar retailers to seek out first in all matters of personal style.

America Issue
A day in The Laughter Yoga Salon

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Laughter yoga, first popularized by Dr. Madan Kataria, has become an international movement. But does the science support the practice?

Inside the Three-Year Journey from Shore to Bar

An Accidental Oyster Farmer and a Food Renaissance

During the last five years, oyster production on the East Coast has doubled. At Nonesuch Oyster Farm 30 minutes south of Portland, Maine, we watched this renaissance play out for a new generation of farmers.

The Maine Issue
400 MPH, 50 Feet off the Ground

The Last True Motorsport Is in the Sky

In September, the Reno National Championship Air Races are held. Andy Findlay, a test cell supervisor by day, pilot by weekend, is hoping to win. We rode along during his training.

Shades of Red, White and Blue

What We Love About America

An open-ended question about national pride produces patriotism, shame for our wrongdoings, and every shade of red, white and blue in between.

MotoGP and Supercross with Honda HRC

The Kings of Two Wheels

In April, there was a rare overlapping of two-wheeled motorsports: both the MotoGP and the AMA Supercross came to Texas. We went to both to see the fastest men on two-wheels battle it out on the track and in the dirt.

Driving Nostalgia

Remembering the Cars that Dad Drove

There's a moment burned in every kid's memory of his father and his father's car. We recall some of our fondest.

Father's Day
Dennis Hale Doesn't Sail Anymore

The Man who Survived 38 Hours in a Life Jacket

Adrift for 38 hours in a life jacket, a Navy peacoat and his underpants, Dennis Hale was the sole survivor of one of the worst shipwrecks in Great Lakes history.

The North Journal
Hot Meals From Coast to Coast

25 Best Breakfasts in America

The resplendent part of breakfast comes in humble servings, done right — the perfect eggs, pancakes, coffee. Here they are, served hot every morning across the USA.

The Breakfast Issue
No Diet, Just Good Food

28 Days of Eating Right

Don't diet. Don't excessively workout. If you really want to change, take a slow and steady route to health.

Finding Totality

Eclipse Chasing in the Faroe Islands

Eric Adams travels to the Faroe Islands to chase down a total solar eclipse. The only thing that stands in his way are the clouds.

A Visit to Sanborn Canoe Co.

From Woodworking Novices to Canoe Paddle Pros

Sanborn Canoe Company has quickly become one of the darlings of the outdoor industry. But behind the lumbersexual appeal, the owners are just Minnesotans at heart.

The North Journal
The Kiwi Can Do

Foraging in Fiordland with the Chef of Redcliff

Chef Ryan Murray of The Redcliff in Te Anau took us out for a day fishing. We didn't catch anything, so he invited us to his home and cooked up something better.

The New Zealand Issue
Fishing for a Nation's Best, One Catch at a Time

An Inside Look at New Zealand’s Sustainable Fishing Practices

In a small fishing village 60 miles north of Auckland, Lee Fish is a world leader of sustainable and humane fishing practices, all in the name of quality. We paid them a visit to learn how.

The New Zealand Issue

Standing Alert with the UPS Hot Spares

When a UPS plane breaks down or the crew encounters problems, packages still need to be delivered. That's where the "hot spares" program comes in.

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