Dewalt Gyroscopic Screwdriver
The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

Innovations for tradesmen typically focus on power, which is always a safe bet. Adding oomph and extending the run times of tools make big jobs shrink, wallets grow and products move. Game-changing designs, meanwhile, are few and far between, with most mold breakers immediately dismissed as gimmicks. Despite this -- or more likely because of it -- manufacturers continue to invest millions in research and development to deliver the next must-have tool in the handyman’s arsenal. Conceived with installers and maintenance workers in mind but useful for just about everybody, the new DeWalt 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver combines the right amount of sci-fi features with the requisite grunt to keep it on your hip and out of the junk drawer.


The futuristic tech that sets this powered screwdriver apart is found (and felt) two inches ahead of your grip. Gyroscopes, the same swirling gimbals and rotors that keep Segways from falling over, whir away and enable users to drive home hardware with a simple twist of the wrist. Turn right for tight or left for loose and the gyroscope reads your input, transmits the data and spins the motor in the same direction -- complete with throttle control. Twist the driver ten degrees or more and all 24 in-lbs of torque are delivered; back things off, and the spin slows down for fine-tuned refinements. Powered by DeWalt’s new 8V lithium-ion battery system, the Gyroscopic Screwdriver was designed with a 100% duty cycle, meaning long days on-site are right up its alley -- a charge indicator lets you know when it's coffee time. An omnipresent LED worklight eliminates surface shadows and an onboard bit holder makes head changes a cinch. Real innovation on a common task: what else could you ask for?





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