Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby Collection for Knoll
Sit Down, Stay a While

Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby know a thing or two about design -- the duo snagged an Order of the British Empire Award (or OBE) for their work on the London 2012 Olympic Torch. So it's no surprise that their sofa collection turned heads after its unveiling at Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. 

The sofa collection, designed for American brand Knoll, offers an ideal mixture of style and comfort, a balance that's increasingly elusive amid the sharp angles and stark silhouettes crowding display windows at contemporary design shops today. In many ways, the series -- which consists of two- and three-seat sofas, an armchair and ottomans, and an aluminum-based side table/stool -- is a testament to the team's intense focus on purpose. Paramount in the designers' minds was inspiring the right kinds of interactions within a space by creating a relaxed and welcoming impression. In Barber and Osgerby's words: “Given a sofa’s scale and prominence in a room, we felt that the pieces should be formally balanced and calm, expressing their character through detail."


Those goals are embodied through a mix of sturdy architectural profiles and stitched seams, muted by curved cushions that soften each face. Cast aluminum feet -- available in chrome or an array of painted finishes including red and black -- clearly serve as focal points, tastefully contrasting the available range of upholstery and separating the collection from the sea of seating arrangements offered by other designers. Like the unmistakable swooping frame of a Barcelona chair, this distinctive trademark may well gain legs as a future design icon. 

Only time will tell whether or not Barber & Osgerby's contribution will match the lasting impressions left by Mies, Florence, and Saarinen in the Knoll portfolio, but following the philosophies of greats like Eames can't hurt their chances. Even if it doesn't reach iconic status, the collection deserves our praise for emphasizing livability in tandem with style.

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