Garmin Vector
Powerful Pedals

Power corrupts, and training with the Garmin Vector, you’ll become a tyrant on the bike. Power meters married to heart rate monitoring provide the purest performance feedback and the surest means for refining a training program. The arrival of Garmin’s much-heralded version was long in coming -- a tease of over a year -- but the pedal system is worth the wait. 


Sure, Look’s Keo Power Pedal system preceded it, but the Vector is a significant improvement on the concept and less expensive (though still not cheap at $1,700). While limited to the same Keo cleat system, the Garmin system uses ANT+ rather than the proprietary Polar head unit, which means the Vector is not only compatible with Garmin’s outstanding Edge cycling computers but any head unit that uses ANT+. That versatility is particularly appealing when matched with ease of installation. Setup doesn’t require a shop wrench (mechanic) or tech support; with a few tools and attention to a key details like washer placement, crank length, and pedal attachment with the proper torque, you’ll be cranking out watts in no time.

Certainly there have been complaints that the Vector system is finicky and prone to power issues, problems Garmin has wrestled previously, and the current form factor's exposed battery and antenna pods make it impractical for the bump and grind of mountain biking. Yet there is little doubt the company will improve on the concept across the range of cycling pursuits -- and that’s what truly makes the Vector a GP 100 pick. The potential for the power meter as interchangeable accessory across every cycling platform (road, tri, mountain, cyclocross), when paired with pricing and ease of installation, makes the Vector entirely accessible to the amateur athlete. Garmin has opened the door to absolute power. You're gonna be a terror.




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