GoldenEar AON 2
Blast from the Future

Every day, hundreds of millions of people cram in tiny earbuds or crank up their laptop speakers to try to distract themselves from the tedium of work or the pain of exercise. And it works. That it still has such a profound effect, even pumped through thin, uninspiring speakers and headphones, is a testament to the music itself. But what if we gave it the stage it deserved? What if we gave our music the same treatment as our movies? For most, music has become a side project -- something to do while doing something else -- but GoldenEar's AON 2 loudspeakers direct it to center stage. 

The first and most obvious sign of GoldenEar's musical intentions is the configuration of the AON 2s. They're not sold as part of a surround sound kit, but rather are made as a 2-channel stereo set, just as the music was mixed. 


But what good are intentions without execution? The inverted-keystone shaped speakers cram an impressive amount of technology into a 12-inch case and a $400 price tag. Most obvious of these features is the High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, a technology that GoldenEar uses in their more expensive sets to improve horizontal dispersion and clarity at higher frequency tones. To balance out that impressive high end, each speaker features a 6-inch bass driver and two 6.5-inch passive radiators, which give the AON 2 loudspeakers far more low-end power than speakers their size would normally allow. 

All of the technical specifications in the world are no substitute, though, for sitting down and listening. Put away your phone for a minute, turn on something that moves you, and let the AON 2s prove their worth. Design and technology, meet art and emotion.




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