Scent of a Man
by K.B. GOULD   photos by JASON CHEN

Not everyone wants to smell like a lumberjack. But for the rugged individualists who catch of whiff of fir trees and camp fires and think, "wow, sexy!", Juniper Ridge has just the right scents. They're the world's only "wilderness fragrance distillery". If you're wondering what that designation means, their mission statement -- "We go to the mountains, harvest wild plants and distill natural fragrance" -- pretty much sums it up. During harvest season you can find their hikers and backpackers climbing through the mountains and meadows of California, collecting the plants they use to make their fragrances. A company that turns their work into an adventure? Sounds familiar. We can dig it.


Of all the colognes, sprays, soaps and incenses in the Juniper Ridge lineup, our favorite is the Yuba River Cabin Spray. You'll roll your eyes when you hear the description: "Northern Sierra lake shimmering with fall sunlight, cedar, a cozy cabin and the smell of winter right around the corner". Then you'll get a whiff and find yourself transported back to that evening at Camp Walden when you got your first kiss. Other scents, from Siskiyou to Big Sur to Caruthers Canyon, are just as distinct and no less viscerally fragrant.

"This is fragrance for people who normally avoid fragrance", says Juniper Ridge Founder Hall Newbegin. "I'm a backpacker, and I'd never buy a perfume or cologne from a department store, but I knew how transformative it was to crush black sage leaves or mountain fir needles under my nose."

If you're someone who typically avoids cologne, or if you're just trying to up your mountain man street cred, we couldn't think of a more fitting product than Juniper Ridge. As a bonus, all the scents are unisex, so you and your favorite mountain woman can both smell like your forest-dwelling ancestors.




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Produced by Ben Bowers, Chris Wright, Eric Yang
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Photography by Henry Phillips, Eric Yang
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