Killspencer Hardshell Briefcase
Protect Ya Tech

It seems part of the human condition that the current generation always has the slight (or perhaps severe) inkling that their forbearers seemed to really have their shit together. As a people we are always looking backward for answers -- partially because we need a frame of reference by which to measure our achievements, but also because we are keenly aware of the things from previous times that simply worked. The things that worked well are what endure: the house made of brick protected the piggies and informed their progeny. Yes, we keep what works, and we innovate the rest -- wheels now have tires, shoes now have laces and hard shell briefcases now have camouflage trim and zipper closures. 


Sure, Killspencer has done away with the visible armor-like exterior and the dramatic spring-loaded button clasps of the traditional hardshell briefcase, but the secure and protective cocoon is still very much alive in their updated version. They've taken what worked and innovated it, evolved everything but the best part. 

What worked is the hardshell case, the classy guardian of documents from days of yore, in times when iPads were but a gleam in Asimov's eye. What's innovative is their black pebbled leather case, lined in a muted camouflage Jacquard and designed to carry the essentials of today: a 15-inch laptop, a small binder, a tablet, a passport. The Riri zipper, leather details and removable shoulder strap are also each a nice little bonus, courtesy of a modernized design. What Killspencer has gleaned from the lessons time teaches is that quality can't ever be beat: like all their products, this briefcase is made to order by hand right here in America. Time marches on, but men have always and will always (brain implanted computers and holograms notwithstanding) have to carry things. Killspencer simply allows us to bring some of yesteryear along with the innovations of today.





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