Oru Kayak
Outdoor Origami

Until now, our experience with origami was limited to bar tricks and entertaining children -- and we’ll be damned if turning a napkin into a swan isn’t a crowd pleaser. But what if you could apply the principles of the Japanese art of paper folding to a piece of high-performance outdoor equipment that typically weighs upwards of 50 pounds and requires a roof rack to transport? You’d have the Oru Kayak, a foldable 12-foot boat made in the U.S.A. from a single sheet of double-layered plastic that folds down into a 33 x 29 x 10-inch case you can sling over your shoulder, toss in car trunk or check as luggage on a plane. 


The Oru Kayak is several years in the making, the brainchild of San Francisco-based designer Anton Willis, who sketched and built more than 25 prototypes with his team leading up to the production model that hit the factory floor in mid-2013. To fund the project, Willis went to Kickstarter in 2012, where he raised more than $400,000 from 730 backers interested in seeing the origami boat become a reality. The final product is made from a single seamless sheet of corrugated plastic that unfolds into a kayak that's 12 feet long and weighs just 25 pounds. It assembles simply and intuitively with straps and buckles -- no tools required -- and includes all the features you’d expect from a kayak: an adjustable footrest, a foam seat, a rubber strap to hold accessories, skirt compatibility, and plenty of storage in the front and rear compartments for float bags and gear for an overnight trip. When assembled, the boat has one seam on top that closes with a watertight rubber gasket.

This would all just be a clever bar trick if the Oru Kayak didn’t perform -- but it does. It’s designed for flat water and mild waves, and in these conditions it’s swift, edges well and remains stable thanks to a hard chine hull design. The boat's polyethylene skin is puncture resistant and manufacturer rated for 20,000 folds, which should be plenty for even the most zealous day-tripper. What makes the Oru Kayak remarkable beyond its performance in the water is its smart solution to a storage dilemma that often hobbles urban-dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. And we thought our origami rose was impressive. 

$1095, orukayak.com



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