Slowear Incotex Four Season Pants
Trust the Italians

Men used to buy a pair of shoes that would last decades -- a testament to both the original craftsmanship and to the owner's care of his footwear. The same went for most any piece of clothing or accessory: suits, shirts, trousers, watches, etc. This longevity was born mostly out of necessity, as prices were relatively high and it took a long time to procure materials and hand make clothing. Now we have machines that churn out $2 t-shirts and fads that come and go in a heartbeat, not to mention transient cuts and whatever "haute couture" is. Though H&M will continue to prosper, there are still small clothiers who dedicate themselves to designing, constructing and selling timeless, reliable garments that last. Slowear is such a company. As an umbrella brand, Slowear amalgamates several other smaller brands, taking the best of each to offer a complete selection of quality garments under one roof. 


Incotex is Slowear's trouser supplier, and also the company from which Slowear was born. Alongside three other brands that cover sweaters, outerwear, and accessories, respectively, Incotex purveys slacks of all kinds that won't go out of fashion. Because they tread so firmly in the non-trendy, classic realm, you can wear a pair of Incotex pants now or ten years from now and still feel in vogue. 

Case in point, the ultra-classic, timeless look of the Incotex Four Season Pants make them absolutely worth a wear. Made with perfectly weighted cotton to fit any clime at any time of year, the cut and fit of these straight leg trousers are excellent for dressing up, dressing down, or anywhere in between. Pop on a t-shirt and a bomber jacket; pair them with a sweater or button-down. Whatever you don, make sure you stick with Slowear's philosophy: high-quality, heritage-inspired and iconic, timeless design. You won't be disappointed (even years down the road).




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