Soma Water Filter
Clean Water, Clean Lines

We think we have water figured out -- like, totally locked down on the innovation front -- and then, every few years, there’s a revolutionary new development. Don’t drink it out of plastic bottles -- bad for the environment. Don’t drink it out of BPA-infused bottles -- bad for us. Then we came across the Soma Filter, which might be the biggest water-related development since the Hoover Dam.   

First off, we have to applaud Soma’s sheer verve. Founder Mike Del Ponte quit his job to go up against one of the most established figures in the Hydration Industrial Complex, the very face of Big Water: Brita. According to Del Ponte (at least, according to his wonderfully persuasive Kickstarter video) we’ve been filtering our water all wrong. Never mind that Brita filters are ugly and somewhat clumsy to use; Del Ponte says that they’re also environmentally unsound.


The Soma filter is everything the Brita isn’t. It’s conceived with Silicon Valley ingenuity, and, as such, places a premium on design. It looks like a high-end coffee apparatus or a decanter; that is, it’s built for display, not just for chilling above the vegetable crisper. It’s also highly functional. Unlike the Brita, the lid firmly snaps into place, meaning there’s no unintended spillage. What's more, the filter itself is all but revolutionary. While most filtration systems use mainly plastic and other man-made materials, Soma’s filter is entirely biodegradable. It's made of coconut carbon, vegan silk and food-based plastic, so the whole thing can be dropped into the compost bin when you’re done using it. And this might be the best part: you always know when you’re done, because the brand’s subscription service automatically sends you a new one every two months. We didn’t think we could get this excited about water. Yet, here we are. And we’re damned thirsty. 




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