Steelcase Gesture Chair

Put Your Back Into It

To paraphrase, "as the posture goes, so goes chair design". Made in our image, the Gesture chair is ready to battle the pain and fatigue associated with our ever-changing carriage in this brave, computer-heavy world. Are your shoulders back and down, your chin level, your spine aligned? Since you're reading a website, probably not -- you're probably strunching. 

Allow us to explain. Without a conscious effort or some sort of aid, bending over a tablet or a laptop causes a degradation in healthy, upright posture. We revert to a quasi-pre-homo-erectus shape, our butt pushed far back in our chairs, elbows on the desk, back arched: this is what Steelcase has christened "the strunch" posture. The strunch, along with eight other "new" postures discovered in a study of a couple thousand people throughout 11 countries -- The Trance, The Take It In and The Multi-Device being a few others -- are very real. People regularly form these postures because of their intimate, constant relationship with technology. Yet for centuries chairs have been built for sitting, not strunching. Until Steelcase responded to these new-wave postures with their Gesture office chair, that is.


It must be said that paying attention to and/or correcting one's posture should be a priority (ever heard of Quasimodo?). But if you're going to insist on contorting into tech-necessitated shapes, then the Gesture chair is literally made for you. The chair's arms adjust in nearly every direction to support tablet- or phone-holding hands, since even the weight of your aluminum smartphone can cause painful fatigue over time. Aping our own spine's movement, the Gesture's spine articulates to move with the human form (even when we're in The Smart Lean) to prop up the strangest of curves. The seat cushion flexes all the way to its edges to brace legs whether they're curled up, crossed or tucked under. We have to give Steelcase props for innovating the simplest of surfaces to combat what has become a quiet epidemic in this data-saturated world of ours. While other chairs continue to offer L-shaped, Iron Throne-like levels of comfort, Steelcase manages to change with the times, keeping us and our Youtube-loving, mindlessly scrolling, screen-centric selves out of harm's way.




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