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Whether you consider yourself a survivalist-in-training or the second coming of Bear Grylls, your stints in the extremes will be short lived without some essential H2O. Stagnant pools and sludgy streams are bacterial hotbeds that, when sipped from, can quickly turn the manliest of men into a quivering disaster. Minimalist options for “fresh” fluids run the gamut from sweaty sock filters to fueled flash-boil kits or purification pumps. The Vapur MicroFilter, on the other hand, is small, chemical free and can filter up to 500 liters of locally sourced liquid at a rate of 0.5L/minute. That’s the progressive kind of product that garners GP100 support.


The Vapur MicroFilter employs hollow fiber technology to filter water through 0.2-micron openings, resulting in a 99% pure mouthful of refreshment. The filter itself is comprised of sixty meters of hollow fiber membrane coated in a hydrophilic capillary that functions like a straw, working instantly to eliminate salmonella, E. coli and cholera as well as the protozoa behind giardiasis and crypto. The MicroFilter itself can actually be used as a standalone straw to sip directly from the source, or can be used in conjunction with the included, foldable, 1L Vapur Anti-Bottle to provide portable potability. While this most certainly makes for an easier way to obtain your emergency preparedness badge, the global ramifications for a product this effective could prove monumental for developing nations, war-torn villages or those of us unfortunate enough to be affected by natural disasters. Of course, if you pick one up for causes slightly less noble, say, to sip from Caribbean taps when you wake up with dark-rum dry mouth on your next island vacation, that's fine too.




Excellence, innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering desire to challenge expectations -- these are the constants that have captivated our attention since Gear Patrol's inception in 2007. This year we're proud to announce the next step in our role as a champion of quality in product design and execution: welcome to the GP100. Our inaugural product awards are dedicated to honoring the 100 best consumer products released during the calendar year by companies of all sizes and scope. 

The GP100 is not a ranking or a contest. These selections represent the collective expertise of our entire editorial staff, who have scoured every corner of the vast product universe -- from automotive and electronics, to men's style essentials, home goods, spirits and outdoors -- to find the inspiring and the practical, the ground-breaking and the traditional, the priceless and the accessible. In short: products that define or defy their respective categories to better the life of the modern man.


The GP100 is not a contest influenced by marketers or brands, nor is it a ranking by specifications as determined by uniform tests. Instead, it starts with a comprehensive list of nominees released in the calendar year, researched and compiled by our editorial team of obsessed experts across all of Gear Patrol's major areas of interest including Motoring, Technology, Style, Home, Spirits, Outdoor and Watches. Brands are not part of the selection process. Nominees are then debated in context of the past, present and future of their respective fields. Which selections stand as significant innovations, category busters or faithful monuments to the icons of history? Do they adhere to Gear Patrol's core tenets of excellence, design, utility and the spirit of adventure? Distilled to the following 100 items, the GP100 represents the best products on earth released in 2013 -- easily inspiring consumers and creators alike during their search for guideposts of excellence in a vast world of products.


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