Photo Essay

12,000 Miles to Nowhere

A Photo Journey In Search of the American Dream

In 2013, photographer Noah Emrich drove his parents' minivan 12,000 miles across the United States, documenting his journey through a newly published book, Bountiful. Here is what he captured.

America Issue
Extreme Engineering

The Soo Locks, the North’s Great Engineering Marvels

The Soo Locks were once the busiest shipping artery in the world, raising and lowering 1,000-foot ships between Lake Superior and Lake Huron 24 hours a day, 42 weeks a year. We payed a visit.

The North Journal
Friends in Far Places

Kiwi to the Core: The Faces of New Zealand

Despite New Zealand's reputation as one of the world's most scenic countries, the warm, hospitable people that live there provide all the more reason to visit.

The New Zealand Issue
Down The Long Driveway

Inside the Mid-Century Homes of New Zealand

In 2013, photographer Mary Gaudin photographed the modernist homes of her native country. But instead of focusing purely on the architectural elements, she captured the way these homes are lived in.

The New Zealand Issue
Makes You Think All the World's a Sunny Day

A Look Back at 75 Years of Kodachrome

In 2010, the final roll of Kodachrome was developed by Dwayne's Photo, a lab in Parsons, Kansas. These 64 vintage photos pay tribute to the bygone film, used by pros and amateurs alike.

A Walk Through Communal Countryside Villages

Time Traveling Through Myanmar

Will McGough is a man who takes the path less traveled. In this case, that means a reminder that time is relative in the countryside of Myanmar.

A Master workshop, Enveloped in Clay

Heath Ceramics, an Enduring Mid-Century Modern Icon

In the past six decades, Heath Ceramics has grown to become an icon of mid-century modern design. But in their small, low-ceilinged factory in Sausalito, little has changed.

Photo Essay
Taking the Only Passable Winter Route

Snowmobiling the Maroon Bells, Colorado’s Twin Beauties

The Bells, Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak rise to over 14,000 feet in the Elk Mountains and are regarded as the most photographed rocks in Colorado. We snowmobiled toward them, whizzing through forests of pale, beautiful aspen trees.

Friends from Another Hemisphere

In Burma, David Heath Captures Smiles Over Scars

In his new photo book, David Heath focuses on Burma's smiles, not its scars. In this excerpt and photo essay, the globe-trotting photographer recalls what he loved most about the country.

No Days Off

Labor and Life Aboard A Maine Lobster Boat

For the lobstermen who call Penobscot Bay home, there is no off-season, and unpredictable waters make their jobs difficult and dangerous throughout the year. We paid one boat a visit to see what goes into catching a Maine lobster.

Racing on $500 and sheer will

Crap Cars and Real Racing at the 24 Hours of LeMons

The 24 Hours of LeMons is an endurance spectacle of cars that were "purchased, fixed up and track prepped for a total of $500 of less." Most of them break down, but everyone has a good time.

Breaking Ice Across the Great Lakes

Of Ice and Men

Last winter, Great Lakes sailors suffered the worst ice navigation season in 30 years. Over 95 percent of Lake Superior was covered with blue ice, some of it 50 inches thick. We boarded a freighter for the last crossing of the season.

The North Journal
Blinded by the white

Photo Essay: Cat Boarding at Baldface Lodge

Baldface Lodge is the mecca for powder hounds with a passion for backcountry in its purest sense, boasting over 32,000 acres of unadulterated terrain and 500 inches of fresh throughout a typical season.

Photo Essay
10 Hours from Wood Core to Mountain-Ready

How Custom Skis Are Made

From the client evaluation to the material selection to the tedious labor, one thing’s clear: making custom skis requires patience and skill. We recently watched the laborious creation process up close.

Mother Nature's Torture Chamber

Photo Essay: The Best of Dakar Rally 2015

406 cars, trucks, buggies, ATVs and motorcycles set off from Buenos Aires’ dense city center, drifted across dirt roads, flew through grasslands, navigated sand traps and threaded through mountain passes -- and that was day one.

photo essay
What Ancient Landslips Wrought

Photo Essay: Hiking the Storr

As we drove toward the Storr we could see the cliffs and the jagged rock pinnacles rising in the distance, partially obscured by clouds.

The Scotland Issue

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