At Cafe Bimi in Fukuoka

How the Japanese Make Their Coffee

Sampling the Japanese tradition of nel drip coffee, which utilizes flannel filters for a dense, velvety cup.

Coffee Issue
A Sport and Medium, Perfectly Paired

Postcard: Boxing In Black and White

Boxing and black-and-white film have gone together forever. A recent excursion to Gleason's Gym proves no exception.

Analog Issue
The Man in the Pink Jersey

Postcard: Contador Leads at the Giro d’Italia

Spaniard Alberto Contador leads at the Giro d'Italia, a 21-day, 2,166-mile bicycle race through Italy. Let's just say it's not your average leisurely tour through wine country.

Riding Through Dairy Country

Postcard: Raw Milk, Roadside

In search of raw milk during a two-day bike ride in New Zealand. A pit stop proves fruitful.

The New Zealand Issue
Coastal Fame

Postcard: Bondi Beach Blues

Australia's famed coastal hot spot proves that for some, summer really never has to end.

Summer Preview 2015
A 2800-pound dance partner

Waltzing with an Old Quattro

Learning to drive fast on ice takes time. So when you just start to learn, it’s best to have an instructor who know what he’s doing.

Coffee and Cigarettes

Postcard: Morning Rituals Aboard the No Worries

I'm on a double dose of Dramamine trying to think of nothing at all. Jay's nursing his third cup of coffee with a smoke hanging from his lip like a young Humphrey Bogart. I’ve lost track of the cigarettes. A bump in the water sends some coffee against his bright orange pant leg and I think that I might lose it.

The Taste of a productive day

The Kentucky Sundowner

The Irish have Irish coffee, the Scotch have Highland Coffee, the Germans have Rüdesheimer Kaffee, and college students have vodka and red bull. Kentuckians have the Kentucky Sundowner. Here's how to make one.

The Bourbon Issue

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