At Cafe Bimi in Fukuoka

How the Japanese Make Their Coffee

Sampling the Japanese tradition of nel drip coffee, which utilizes flannel filters for a dense, velvety cup.

Coffee Issue

Postcard: Vacation at the Shore

Staying present at the beach with film (and a durable Nikkormat) and preserving a few dozen moments, forever.

Analog Issue
A Sport and Medium, Perfectly Paired

Postcard: Boxing In Black and White

Boxing and black-and-white film have gone together forever. A recent excursion to Gleason's Gym proves no exception.

Analog Issue
The Changing of the Aspens

Postcard: A First Glimpse of Fall

A majority of the trees in Colorado stay green all year. But the state's white-trunked aspens go from green to florescent yellow in the blink of an eye each September.

Blue Skies at Bearpaw Lake

Postcard: The Best Campsite in the Tetons

Against all odds the weather cleared as we neared our campsite at the outlet of Bearpaw Lake. Then, to our surprise, it stayed that way.

Wyoming Issue
A Texas Longhorn Charge

Postcard: Tips Gets Testy

Texas Longhorns are intimidating animals. Especially if they decide to make a run at you.

Wyoming Issue
A Moment with a Cowboy Lifesaver

Postcard: The Bullfighter

"There's times we get hooked, run over, stepped on, thrown in the air," Dusty Tuckness says. "I guess that's really why we have a job."

Wyoming Issue
Four WWII Beauties from the Duxford Air Show

Postcard: War Birds on Parade

I watched in awe as four Curtiss war birds split the sky in a tight formation, before swooping toward the ground like giant piston-powered wasps.

A Diamond in the New England Rough

Postcard: Savoring a Rochefort 10 at Ebenzer’s Pub

To get to the best beer bar America has to offer, be prepared to drive. It's on the border between Maine and New Hampshire, an hour-and-a-half drive northwest of the Portland airport.

Circa 1969

Postcard: Riding the Wave of the World

Cocoa Beach was a sleepy beach town before the '60s. Then, with the arrival of NASA and the growing popularity of surfing, it woke up.

The Surfing Issue
Goodbye Seasickness, Hello View

Postcard: Leaving Alaska

An incredible Alaskan view precludes a tired photographer's first nap in a week.

5 Mountain Passes, 120 Miles, 13,000 Feet of Elevation

Postcard: “The Longest Day” Ride

June 21st was the longest day of the year, so Andy Bokanev thought it'd be a good idea to head out for a grandeur of a ride.

The Man in the Pink Jersey

Postcard: Contador Leads at the Giro d’Italia

Spaniard Alberto Contador leads at the Giro d'Italia, a 21-day, 2,166-mile bicycle race through Italy. Let's just say it's not your average leisurely tour through wine country.

Inside Mac's Club Deuce

Postcard: A Beer at Miami’s Oldest Dive Bar

Mac's Club Deuce is Miami's Oldest Bar. Today a South Beach institution, it attracts all breeds of humanity at every hour of the day. We stopped in for a quick beer.

The Lighter Side of Coffee

Postcard: Say Hello to the Fluffy

What the hell is a fluffy? At a coffee shop on the beach in Wellington, we found out.

The New Zealand Issue
Riding Through Dairy Country

Postcard: Raw Milk, Roadside

In search of raw milk during a two-day bike ride in New Zealand. A pit stop proves fruitful.

The New Zealand Issue
At Orphans Kitchen

Postcard: First Bluffies of the Season

When life hands you day-old oysters, toss 'em. Chef Tom might just be waiting around the corner with fresh Bluffies and a bottle of bubbly.

The New Zealand Issue
Coastal Fame

Postcard: Bondi Beach Blues

Australia's famed coastal hot spot proves that for some, summer really never has to end.

Summer Preview 2015
Every Golfer's Dream

Postcard: An Afternoon in Augusta

For a first-timer, the Masters Tournament truly is an experience and tradition unlike any other. But not in the way you might think.

Beer, Blanket, a Sunny Day and some Pop Flies

Postcard: The Best of Baseball at Spring Training

1:45 p.m. MST | Scottsdale, Arizona – Greetings from Scottsdale Stadium, where the World Champion San Francisco Giants have officially begun their title defense.

A 2800-pound dance partner

Waltzing with an Old Quattro

Learning to drive fast on ice takes time. So when you just start to learn, it’s best to have an instructor who know what he’s doing.

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