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No Diet, Just Good Food

28 Days of Eating Right

Don't diet. Don't excessively workout. If you really want to change, take a slow and steady route to health.

A Bucket List for Bikers

The 25 Best Road Cycling Routes in America

From incredible rambles through the heartland to national park tours, coastal cruises and breathless mountaintop finishes, these are the 25 best routes for road cycling in America.

Coming Soon to a Converted Parking Garage Near You

The 10 Programs Ruling Fitness in 2015

Soul Cycle and CrossFit begat a wave of new fitness programs. Beat the office fitness buff to the punch by brushing up on these current and upcoming selections.

Lets Talk Soviet Strength

Meet Pavel Tsatsouline, King of the Kettlebells

Some know him as the "Evil Russian", others as the kettlebell guy. Whatever you call him, Pavel Tsatsouline is one of the most important names in strength training.

Not Just for Double Dutch

Reenergize your Workout with these 5 Jump Ropes

Tired of running and lifting weights? Switch up your workout. Jump roping exercises can improve endurance, burn calories and even build muscle. Here are the five best available today.

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The First Wearable to Measure Respiration

Is Spire the Path to Peace? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Spire is the first wearable of its kind to measure breathing, and that means it can provide insight into both your physical and mental health. But does it work? We tested it to find out.

Cash Out with Fitness

Decrypted: Health is the New Gold

Tracking your health is attracting big data and big business -- and in an era where personal data is the new currency, health information is solid gold.

3 Wheels are Better than 4

Tested: B.O.B. Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution Pro jogging stroller is a brilliant piece of equipment that will benefit you and the baby -- and give mom some extra alone time. Everyone wins.

Four Tips for Staying on Track

Stop Letting Excuses Ruin Your Workouts

At Fitbit, tracking steps, calories, weight loss and sleep efficiency is just the start. The mission isn't to push you to perpetually break a step record -- it’s to find habits that put you on the path to becoming healthier, happier and revitalized.

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Vitals Around the Clock

Stay Healthy Through Winter with the Power of Metrics

Part of staying active (and in turn, healthy) is understanding what your body is doing each day. Fitbit's focus on data has led to a suite of tools that make it easy to visualize a day, month, or even year’s worth of activity. It’s tough to understand where you need to go if you can’t understand where you’ve been; that’s why Fitbit tracks your most important vitals around the clock.

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New Gear and Stories, Fresh from the Farm

This Week in Sports and Outdoors: November 6, 2014

This Week in Sports and Outdoors: the new Miss Reef calendar, inside a bike messenger stage race, the complete guide to building a campfire, what's killing triathletes and more.

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Decrypted: With Health, Microsoft Admits Defeat — and Adapts

Microsoft's newly minted CEO Satya Nadella has no shortage of challenges ahead, with revenue streams from Windows and Office thinning. But the Microsoft Health signals a more forward-thinking direction for the company: focusing on the cloud.

Lessons from Mountaineer and Ultra Runner Ben Clark

How To: Run Faster in the Mountains

Mountaineer and ultra runner Ben Clark shares his tips on becoming a faster runner, whether your aim is a local 5k or, like him, 14,000-foot peaks over 100 miles.

A Firsthand Account from the Cave

Thinking of Going Paleo? Start Here

Matthew Ankeny set out for three weeks of fad-dieting to see if the wave of hype surrounding the latest favorite American diet could hold weight. How did he feel after 21 days of eating just fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts (plus a demonic juice binge)?

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