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Fast Action

This Switchblade Is Designed for Your EDC

The best knife is the knife that's readily available, and Tekto Gear's Mirage is one of the fastest-deploying blades built for any cutting task.

Pop Quiz

21 Terms Every Knife-Lover Should Know

The vocabulary used to describe a pocket knife may not be as complex as that which speaks to mechanical watches or automobiles, but if you want to sound like an expert, there are a few that you should commit to memory.

Not Your Granddad's Jackknife

A Collection-Worthy Knife Is on Sale Now

The James Brand's County pocket knife is appropriately old-timey with a hint of the contemporary, which combined make it timeless. It's rarely on sale, but right now you can get it for 20 percent off.

Strong, Light and Corrosion-Resistant

One of Our Favorite Knife Makers Has a New Collection

The minimalist designs and high-quality builds have made pocket knives from The James Brand some of our favorites. Today, the blade maker revealed its new Titanium Collection.

Keep One in Your Spaceship

This New Knife Is Subtle, Futuristic and Practical

Zero Tolerance is known for working with knife makers to create forward-thinking blade designs. Its latest model, a folding pocket knife called the 0470, follows the trend while maintaining plenty of practical everyday use.

Beauty, Meet Function

This Is the Craighill Desk Knife, and You Need One Immediately

The Desk Knife is just over five inches long and slightly thicker than a half inch. It's milled in Wisconsin from a solid shaft of stainless steel, then notched every half inch to improve grip and to function as a rudimentary ruler.

Jack of All Trades

The 10 Best Multi-Tools of 2018

Today, there are so many types of multi-tools available that one can easily find an option with a toolset to serve the needs and tasks that you encounter most often. We did the research and testing in order to find the 10 best.

Covet-Worthy Cutlery

A Famous Knife Maker Just Made its Most Beautiful Pocket Knife Yet

In the knifemaking world, Chris Reeve Knives is renowned. The manufacturer's most famous model may be the Sebenza, a folding pocket knife that has become a benchmark against which many other knives are judged. This year, the company revealed its first new knife in two years: the Impinda.

Some Maintenance Required

The One Pocket Tool Every Knife Enthusiast Should Own

Whether you're the owner of an expanding collection of pocket knives or the favorite that you've kept for years, blades need attention from time to time. CRKT's new Knife Maintenance Tool is tiny, but it'll help keep your pocket knife sharp and sturdy.

Space-Age Now

These New Pocket Knives Are Futuristic and Practical

Earlier this week, KnifeNews revealed that Kizer Cutlery has a new collection of pocket knives in the works. Each blade is futuristically design-forward but doesn't trade practicality for showiness.


Leatherman’s Most Popular Multi-Tool Is on Sale

Leatherman is synonymous with "multi-tool," and the products it makes represent the best in everyday carry. Right now, Leatherman's best-selling multi-tool of all, time, the Wave, is on sale for 20 percent off.

Better Blades

Do You Really Need a Full-Sized Pocket Knife?

For most of us, the effectiveness of a full-sized pocket knife can be lost. If most of the tasks you perform with your blade involve small and precise cuts, then all you might need is a small X-ACTO-style blade, like the Retracting Utility Knife from Massdrop and Ferrum Forge.

Save up to 40%

If You’ve Always Wanted a Classic Swiss Army Knife, Now Is the Time

There may be no pocket knife more classic than the Swiss Army Knife. For many of us, it's the first we ever owned and the first image that comes to mind when we think of pocket knives. Right now, an entire collection of Swiss Army knives is on sale at Amazon for up to 40 percent off.

Custom Blades

Your Mom Will Appreciate This New Knife More Than You

KA-BAR is best known for the folding and fixed-blade knives it makes for survivalists and EDC enthusiasts, but its latest knife, designed in collaboration with the current author of the world's most famous cookbook, is one for outdoor chefs.

Staff Favorites

All the Knives We’re Loving Now

Gear Patrol staff members use knives to open boxes and prep food on a daily basis. Here, we share the blades that have earned a permanent home at our desks.

Don't Get Lost

Leatherman Re-Designs Its Classic Survival-Specific Tool

While many of Leatherman's multitools are designed for everyday use, the Signal is specially geared for the outdoors and wilderness survival. To pay tribute to the Signal's wilderness utility, Leatherman has re-released the classic tool with a fresh new look.

The Malvaux Number 1

Want A Better Swiss Army Knife? Try This One $75 Off

If the Number 1 is déjà vu familiar, that's because Malvaux looked directly to its Swiss compatriot, Victorinox, and its time-tested Swiss Army Knife for inspiration. It came back with a limited-edition folder that arguably better than the original.

Knives to Know

Tanto Pocket Knives: This is the One to Get

Tanto pocket knives employ a blade similar to the short swords used by Samurai in feudal Japan. Boker Plus' new folding tanto, the Kihon Stainless Tanto, is a beautiful and modern rendition in pocket knife form.

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