Db Equipment Savage Bike Bag

Travel With a Bike? This Is Your New Favorite Bag

Db Equipment just released the Savage bike bag -- a soft-sided bike hauler with a collapsible frame that'll make traveling with a mountain or road bike less of a headache.

Does It All

An Athleisure Shoe That Runs Well Too Is on Sale Now

Altra's Escalante running shoe features a stylish engineered knit upper and a cushiony midsole. Like all of Altra's running shoes, it's built with a wide toe box and a level platform for a more natural run.

Boat and All

Everything a City-Based Kayaker Needs to Own

Runners, hikers and campers have it easy when it comes to city living. Unlike those activities, kayaking requires more specialized equipment - and a boat - that can make storage in an urban apartment tricky, but not impossible.

A Bucket List for Bikers

The 25 Best Road Cycling Routes in America

From incredible rambles through the heartland to national park tours, coastal cruises and breathless mountaintop finishes, these are the 25 best routes for road cycling in America.

Bike Porn

Can’t Afford a Custom Bike? Look at Photos of This One Anyway

Vanilla Workshop in Portland, Oregon specializes in maxing-out each of its customized Speedvagen bicycles with a keen attention to detail that spares no weld or accessory. Even if you can't afford the $1,000 deposit, photos of its latest creation or worth a quick once-over.

Keep Counting Steps

How Your Fitness Tracker Is Failing You

Fitness trackers are advertised to revolutionize health by providing us with enough data to eat less, exercise more and stay slim and trim. But do they actually work? The answer is yes, and no.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

The 22 Best Handmade Bicycles of 2018

Every year, hundreds of bicycle builders and thousands of enthusiasts gather for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show to showcase the best in bikes, frames, parts, paint, accessories and more.

Blogger, Coach, Father Figure

The Defector King of Cuban Soccer

When Cuba's best soccer players escape to America, Mario Lara becomes their coach, their mentor, and their greatest hope.

Issue Three

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