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Skip The Ties & Cufflinks, Get Him Gear Patrol-Approved Gear

Father’s Day Gift Guide


When it comes to men, there's few people that have influenced our lives as men more than good ol' dad. He's to thanks (sometimes, blame) for a lot of the traits that;s made you the man you are today. This

Athletic Body Care

To the athletic man amongst us: we know that you demand a lot from your body. It's high time you took care of it with products that perform at an equally high level, created by men who also know what it's like to take a beating and then come back

All-Natural Solution to Oxybenzone Sunscreens. Also, An Answer To Your Question,

Soleo Organics Sunscreen

soleo-organics-sunscreenSummer is almost upon us and, if you're anything like the men of the GP Crew, you're gearing up for the beach, lake, golf, tennis, run, bike, swim... you get the picture. What do all these activities have in common? Sun

Summer Picks From An Up and Coming Brand

Number:Lab 2-Layer Jersey Polo


Summer's here, and you're in need of a wardrobe upgrade. Toss the tattered college tee and go with a modern crew neck t-shirt or polo. Whether you layer them on for a cool night or wear one alone in the doldrums

Quite Possibly, The Best Grooming Experience You'll Ever Have

John Allan’s Full Service Experience


A scalp massaging shampoo, conditioning treatment, hot facial towel, professional haircut, manicure, shoe shine, beverage of choice, and a straight-razor shave. All done while coddled by full service attendants (who just so happen to be beautiful women) that fully understand the

On-The-Go Disposable Toothbrush

Colgate Wisp

colgate-wisp1There are times in every man’s life when he needs the feeling of a freshly brushed mouth but finds himself without the aid of a toothbrush, toothpaste, or water. In the past, he might have tried to get by with mints

A Better Shave For About $3 Bucks

Edge Infused Shaving Gel

edge-infused-shaving-gelI hate to shave. I’ve tried every cream, gel, lotion, and aftershave imaginable. I've tried every conceivable manual razor and I've even overpaid for an electric. For me, the torture of shaving doesn't stem from the amount of time it takes

Please Shave Responsibly

John Allan’s Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution

john-allans-slickwater-pre-shave-solution1Something magical happened to me this morning. My face actually felt fantastic. It seemed to me the texture of a baby’s arse... nary a single trace of irritation. After 10 years of battling a tough beard, razor burn, nicks, and in-grown

Lab Series For Men Hand Cream

lab-series-for-men-active-hand-creamWinter is hell on your hands. Washing them only exacerbates the problem. Lab Series For Men's new intensely hydrating hand treatment avoids the typical greasiness found in Lubriderm or Vaseline lotions. It also adds a touch of aloe to condition your

Razor Bump & Acne Treatment

Jack Black 3-in-1 Clear Complexion Solution

jack-black-3-in-1-solutionMen residing in Southern California are lucky bastards. Why? Because you men don't deal with seasons. And though I wouldn't give up Fall or Early Winter for all the 74° afternoons in the world, it would be a failure on my

How About Happier Endings?

Truefitt & Hill Barbershop

truefitt-and-hill-barbershop Admit it. As men getting what we bleed for every NFL Sunday for this past year, we have mastered the art of doing absolutely nothing to perfection. But rather than talk about how you should worship 1080p resolution while devouring honey-glazed

Neocutis Bio-Restorative Skin Cream

Neocutis-Bio-Restorative-Skin-Cream.jpgPost-holiday stress and the piss-poor economy wreaking havoc on your skin? Look to Neocutis and look no further. I've been using their bio-restorative skin cream with PSP for almost two months now, and the results are dramatic, to say the least. Exclusive to

Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit

Fresh. Clean. Simple.


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng There are plenty of products that I want to evolve and grow in complexity. Cars and electronics are definitely on the top of my list. I demand that those items provide me plenty of facets

AXE Hair

Forget Your Game Face, Get Your Game Hair On

axe-hair-care-products.jpg It was just a matter of time. Axe, already a leader in the body fragrance and wash categories, has made their way up to the head. Starting in December, Axe Hair offers a full

Biotherm Anti-Rides Line Peel

Live Outside the Lines

Biotherm-Anti-Rides-Line-Peel.jpg By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng Skin is the body’s biggest organ (though some men may beg to differ) and yet most guys completely neglect it. With the winter months upon us, limiting outdoor activities, now’s the perfect

Aveda Men Pure-formance Grooming Clay

Clay Conquers My Cowlick

Aveda-Men-Pure-formance-Grooming-Clay.jpgMy hair is as unruly and difficult to manage as a pubescent teenager. I’ve tried it all. From waxes to gels to pomades, my hair just does as it damn well pleases. My only option? Overload it

Men-Ü Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme & Facial Moisturizer Lift

Trim The Cost of Shaving

men-u.jpgNormally Brian would be the one reviewing grooming products. However, he shaved last week and isn’t due for another this quarter. So I was more than happy to add Men-Ü’s Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme and Facial Moisturizer Lift

Jack Black Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak

Icy-Hot For The Well-Upgraded Man

Post-gym regimen.

You workout hard. Problem is, your body doesn't respond or heal like it did in high school or college. You can't pound on your muscles like you did during

Tom’s of Maine Mouthwash

So Good You'll Want To Drink It

Toms-of-Maine-Mouthwash.jpgIf you've read any of the major men's magazines as of late, you might remember that many of them have been turned onto Tom's of Maine. A company specializing in all-natural oral hygeine products. I know,

L’Oreal VIVE Pro for Men Absolute Clean Hair & Body Wash

Dare I Say... Trifecta

LOreal-VIVE-Pro-for-Men-Absolute-Clean-Hair-Body-Wash.jpgLess is more. Time is money. Use This. That's it... you’ve just read my review of L’Oreals new all-in-one men’s shower wash. Seriously though, I’m generally against all-in-one products. It’s unrealistic to mix products with different functions together and

iZap Portable Tooth Brush Sanitizer

All The Menthol In The World Can't Leave You This Clean

iZap-Portable-Tooth-Brush-Sanitizer.jpgIt's well understood that people get sick while traveling. Thanks to the iZap though, you can take a germ infested tooth brush off the your list of potential culprits. This duel purpose sanitizer

The Man Can

A New Meaning To "Using The Can"

plum-island-soap-company-the-man-can.jpgOkay, this may be intended as a gift for you, but it's still worth your attention. The one and only Man Can is all the grooming products you need packaged in something that may make more sense to

Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer

Schick-Quattro-Titanium-Trimmer.jpgIf you're looking for a Friday diversion and a free Shick Quattro Titanium Trimmer then we've got the thing for you: Schick has a new grooming gadget called the Quattro Titanium Trimmer that combines a four blade razor and trimmer into one simple device,

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Jack-Black-Intense-Therapy-Lip-Balm.jpgAn oft forgotten part of your face is your lips. You buy all the right sunscreens for the rest of your body, but the The Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is available with Natural Mint & Shea Butter or a new Lemon

Wahl Self-Cut Clipper

Wahl-Self-Cut-Clipper-17pcs-Rechargeable.jpgNot that we condone cutting your own hair, I mean we do like to be fashionable here at Gear Patrol, but we also understand the need to save yourself some dough. So, if you absolutely must cut your own hair, as in there's no

Gillette Clean + Refreshing Shampoo


There's few manly hair shampoo options out there, and believe us, that Pantene Pro-V in your girlfriend's shower isn't one of them. Gillette High Performance Shampoo series is specially formulated to clean men's hair. The new charged cleansers pull away dirt and oil to

Anthony Sport Deodorant

Anthony-Sport-Deodorant.jpgSay pass on the cheap chemical mass-produced drugstore brand deodorant/anti-perspirant and upgrade to Anthony Sport's non-irritating glide on odor protectant. After all, it's a scorching summer this year. Anthony Sport's stick has a refreshing citrus fragrance and made of Azulene, a German chamomile that

The Art of Shaving Carry On Kit

[click on image to enlarge]

the-art-of-shaving-carry-on-shave-kit-pic.jpgOne of the problems with shaving while you're on the go is you've got a lot of moving parts, and bulky ones at that. We found a

Redken For Men Giveaway – Winner!

redken-for-men-giveaway-winner-gear-patrol.jpgAfter sifting through hundreds of entries we've chosen a winner for our Redken For Men grooming gear giveaway. Congratulations Jeff Holman! As always we've asked Jeff to share a quote about Gear Patrol, here's what he had to say:

“The information on cars, electronics

AXE Detailer Shower Tool

AXE-detailer-shower-tool.jpgLoofah. Not exactly a manly product is it? Yet it's perfect for getting that extra bit of grime off from the gym. We're willing to bet there's even some of you guys that used your girlfriend's... and liked it. AXE has a solution for

Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father's Day is this Sunday, June 15th. Arguably the most important man, nay person, in your life is worthy of some thought and consideration. Whether your father's the grill maven or a speed demon we've got great gift ideas for dad this

Kinesys SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Kinesys-SPF-30+-Cream-Sunscreen-with-Titanium-Dioxide-4oz.jpgIf your active lifestyle involves a lot of exposure to the sun then you probably got bottles of sunscreen all over the place; with your sports gear, in your car, at home, etc. Is it any good though? Do you still find your

Bold For Men Dry Shave Gel

bold-for-men-dry-shaving-gel-4oz-bottle.jpgShaving these days doesn't really follow all the traditions your father taught you. Where you once lathered foaming gel and cleaned it off with water, Bold for Men Dry Shave Gel is quite the opposite - and in a good way. A non-foaming

Origins Men’s Shaving Line


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo Getting me to change my shave routine is not easy. You can talk all you want about the benefits skin-conditioning Kukui Nut Oil or Organic Jojoba, but at 6AM when I'm gazing bleary-eyed into my medicine cabinet, I like

Hommage Shaving Set Giveaway | Winner!

hommage.giveaway.winner.jpgWe have a winner for the Gear Patrol & M - Maintenance For Men Hommage Shaving Set Giveaway. David Kapp of Chicago is the recipient of an Hommage Manhattan Razor and 6 Capsule Shavecare Set. Congratulations David. Shave well sir... shave well. You beat

Hommage Shaving Set Giveaway | Ends April 4 At High Noon

gp.hommage.giveaway.jpgThere's a little over one day left to register for the Gear Patrol and M - Maintenance For Men Hommage Shaving Set Giveaway. If you haven't signed-up then the time is now. Slackers get no sympathy. For those of you just seeing this for

Smiley Psycho-Tonic Cologne cannot be accomplished through looks and charm can surely be accomplished through psycho-tonic fragrances. Um, not so much. But it never hurts to have something else on your side. Smiley Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance that uses cocoa extracts, phenylethylamine, which sets

M – Maintenance For Men

M - Maintenance For Men is where you need to be sourcing your grooming products. Bookmark it and stop thinking about where to buy your grooming gear. Much more than just a retailer, M is a brand built for the modern man. A

Hommage Shaving Set Giveaway | GP & M – Maintenance For Men


Gear Patrol and M - Maintenance For Men have teamed up together to bring you a fantastic giveaway: A $300 Hommage shaving set including a Manhattan Razor and Shavecare: 6 Capsule Set. Entry is simple. All you need to do to enter is subscribe to

A Man’s Face: Care, Trimming and Gear | Part 2 of 2

A. Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel | B. Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer | C. Korres Men's Absinthe Shave Cream | D. Sharps Daily Prep Lip Stuff | E. Anthony Sport Eye Cream | F. GNC Ester-C Vitamin C Pills [