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Get Well: 5 Best Recovery Tools

If you think that your performance on race day is only tied to your best efforts on the track or your bike during training, you're overlooking the most important part of your training cycle: recovery. By spending all day focusing on how you're going to break your body down during your next CrossFit binge and not on how you're going to rebuild and progress, you're already two steps behind your competitors. Read on for the best recovery products to step up your game.

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Kit: Summer Running

Warm weather: we can’t say enough good things about it. There’s something noble about putting on cold weather gear and sticking it out all winter, but running in the summer, sweat pouring off your brow, hat and clothing looking like the Bonneville salt flats, the first sip of Heed after a 20 miles in the scorching heat, runner babes in short shorts -- this is pure, unadulterated sport pleasure. Here’s the gear we’re wearing. If you’re prepping for a race or just like to hit the pavement for an hour after work, this stuff has performance written all over it.

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20 Innovative Brands Focused on Game-Changing Products

Here’s a quick mental exercise for you. Imagine you were faced with a fight, in which you knew your opponent was bigger, stronger, more experienced, and had access to the best facilities, trainers, and coaches money could buy. Would you step into the ring? It’s a terrible analogy, but those kind of Rocky odds are...

Stay tight, stay cool

110% Play Harder Transformer Shorts

It’s common knowledge among athletes that muscle compression is good during hard efforts. It’s also well known that icing muscles immediately after a workout makes for faster recovery. The two concepts have always been mutually exclusive though. Compression wear is all the rage, those snug tops and tights favored by pro football players and, regrettably,...

Say Goodbye To Overpriced Orange Juice

Mighty OJ

I love diners. One of my favorite things about diners, especially those here in New York, is the simple fact that when I order a glass or orange juice, it means I’m getting fresh squeezed orange juice, not a glass of “from-concentrate” garbage. The downside of course is the $3-$5 price tag for a glass...

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