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A Stranger Collaboration

Viewfinder: Seven Outliers in Iceland

Seven creatives -- filmmakers, photographers and musicians -- who had never met traveled to Iceland in 2011 with one purpose: to document beauty. Outliers, Vol. 1: Iceland is the amorphous, unfocused, and impressive culmination of the landscapes, people and traditions they encountered.

Ghosts of Speed

Windsurfers can shred across the water or languidly coast with not a care in the world. It appears Dutch windsurfers prefer the former. Ghosts of Speed is a new documentary focused on a select group of speedsurfers tearing up the water at a place known as "The Brace" off

From birthplace, to race

Bentley Grand Tour | Part 1: Crewe to Mulsanne

Visiting a foreign country is always an experience, but doing it behind the wheel of a bespoke, high-performance automobile like the $200,000+ Bentley Continental GT leaves a deeper impression than usual. To say that the GT has presence is an

Summertime, and the shredding's easy

Light: The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight

Wondering what to do with all that leftover footage from a recent project? Well you could follow in the footsteps of Matt Kleiner and piece together a stunning video from whatever's left on the cutting room floor. Light: The Natural Agent That Stimulates Sight is the result of Matt's leftover

World’s Largest Rope Swing

[youtube] Ok, so we can’t really verify that Devin Graham really did, in fact, create the largest rope swing on the planet for this video. That doesn’t make watching people experience 130 ft. of giddy freefall, and whiplash swing speeds under the Corona Arch (in the spectacular Moab desert of

On holiday, off grid

Gift Guide 2011 | 10 Must-Haves for the Adventurer

No matter the destination or pursuit, there's one unpredictable constant that entwines throughout the spirit of adventure -- the ever-changing natural elements. Rather than limiting your lifestyle or altering your approach, we've compiled this list of 10 critical items that

It’s Better in the Wind

It’s Better in the Wind follows a similar theme to the short film Machine we shared a few weeks back. Creator Scott Toepfer spent the last two years working on the project, capturing photos and video footage on each of his rides around the Western United States using a

River Deep, Mountain High

72 Hours in Olympic National Park

Starting a campfire in a rainforest is no easy chore. I summoned up some backcountry knowledge gleaned from watching the Discovery Channel and gathered a handful of “old man’s beard,” the moss that droops Dr. Seuss-like from the limbs of

GP's Bradley & Ben Put Vegas (The Non-Casino Side) Through Its Paces

Gear Patrol Adventure: Vegas Baby!

You might remember our teaser about this feature early last week. You know, that photo of yours truly leaping out of an airplane to his death? Okay okay, some call it skydiving, but that doesn't

Weightlessness, Minus the Whole Rocket Ship Part

The Zero G Experience


Have you ever wanted to experience what weightlessness really feels like? Well, until the X Prize Foundation yields commercial results, if you have a spare $5,000 and an appetite for adventure, the Zero-G experience is a good bet. On board

Jason Heaton Takes On Sri Lanka’s Hill Country By Bicycle

Sri Lanka In Spandex


By the middle of Day Three, Upali's knee could take no more. Turning the cranks caused him shooting pain and his knee was starting to swell. We had 1,500 metres of climbing ahead of us, and he wisely chose to flag

Diving The Mesoamerican Reef

Notes From A Warmer Place: Cozumel


It’s always a good omen when you see a shark on your first dive. We had dropped down to 80 feet on Palancar reef when I spotted the distinctive dorsal and pectoral fins of a five-foot blacktip. I banged my tank to

The five fathoms club

Jules Undersea Lodge

jules-undersea-lodge.jpg You've slept everywhere: the European hostel circuit, Everest base camp, countless beaches, and world-class ski resorts. What's next? How about 30 feet underwater? In a sheltered seawater lagoon outside of Key Largo, lies a former research habitat that has been transformed into the world's only