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Style Pick: Apolis Organic Hand Dyed Linen Tie

Spring time always holds a particular soft spot for fashionistas. After long months spent covering up in warm attire, the change in season is duly celebrated with a liberating explosion of style. Not to be outdone, social fashion enterprise Apolis presents

A man is what he carries

The Loadout: My Perfect Everyday Carry

Editor's Note: We've been spending a lot of time thinking about our EDC (everyday carry for the uninitiated); in large part because of one of our favorite Tumblers, EDC. If you've never been, head there if you want to kill an

Summer Style with a Slight Military Treatment

Apolis Activism Mini Stripe Officer Shirt

Military-styled shirts are being pumped out by every men's fashion brand under the sun these days, but few exude the quality of this version by Apolis Activism. We've brought up clothing items from this brand created by the Parton brothers before, mainly

When Denim Just Won't Do

Apolis Activism Utility Trouser

apolis-activism-aw95ut1-utility-trouserAs the bulk of winter starts to stare us in the face, it's not unusual to feel that your weekend look has become more and more like a uniform. As shirts may outnumber pants in your wardrobe, it's especially easy for