A different take on the square meal

Princess Compact4All Appliances

Even if you’ve got ample counter space in your kitchen, pile on a bevy of appliances, and your fat cup’a joe is elbowing in for some premium real estate next to your dish rack and your collection of Major League beer steins. Innovative but simple, Princess Compact4All Appliances (~$52) can return much needed space to...

Cool Out(doors)

BaseCamp Refrigerator & Freezer

Love camping but hate truly roughing it? BaseCamp’s monster 42-quart Refrigerator/Freezer ($860) plugs right into your car’s 12V DC power system and can keep food/beverages/fresh kills cold at a 0°–45°F in one of two storage bins — leaving you to sit by the fire imagining whether you’d make it as a cowboy in the old...

Appliance Envy

SodaStream Source

Move the Salad Shooter and make some room on your countertop. SodaStream recently partnered with Yves Béhar, founder of design and branding firm Fuseproject, to give the home soda maker not only a facelift, but a complete redesign. Long attempting to fight the burgeoning problem of plastic bottle waste, the irony of SodaStream has always...

Dropping It Like It's Hot

Gaggenau Lift Oven

The Gaggenau BL 253 Lift Oven ($3,000+) is the hoopty of the appliance world that was originally released back in 2007. Instead of forcing cooks to deal with opening doors and reaching into an oven’s heated core, this appliance features a LiftMatic glass ceramic base which lowers down from the oven. This allows users to...

Old Meets New

AGA Total Control Cast Iron Oven

The duties of a traditional cast-iron range are typically three pronged: prepare food, provide ambient heat and heat water. They also happen to look like a million bucks. The trouble is, most take hours to reach proper operating temperature making them a poor match for busy households or those not fully entrenched in the slow...

A Different Kind of Suck

Oreck XLAUTO Car Vac

Everyone knows that the only thing more embarrassing than your assortment of Dungeons and Dragons figurines is the collection of french fries and smashed peanut butter crackers that you’ve accumulated beneath the driver’s seat. Women dig a clean car, not as much as they dig a guy with hoards of cash, but at least you...

Mobilizing Margaritas Everywhere

Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler Plus 10 Speed Blender

The last Hamilton Beach made blender we talked about was designed to easily dispense frozen cocktails or smoothies at home. Following in those foot steps, the Hamilton Beach Thermal Cooler 10 Speed Blender ($18) is design to provide similar cold drink sharing convenience anywhere you fancy. Its drab but purposeful 48 oz plastic blending jar...

Things Can be Built Like They Used To Be

Philips Robust Kitchen Appliance Collection

The phrase “made to last” is not the first concept to spring to mind in a word association with kitchen counter appliances. After some serious design work and innovative thinking, Philips’ hopes that’s exactly the connection consumers will make though while coming across the company’s new Robust line of appliances. Distinguished by a nice mix...

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