It Could Change Everything

Color for iPhone and Android

Imagine walking into your favorite dive bar, opening an app, and viewing all of the photos you’ve taken within 150 ft of that location with your buddies over the years, along with shots snapped by other patrons who were willing to share. Now imagine if you could see that kind of photographic record everywhere you...

Flash Video Comes to the iPhone (Sort of)

Skyfire Mobile Web Browser for iPhone

Android users can continue to laugh at the whole situation, but for Apple fanboys, the recently launched Skyfire Web Browser ($2.99) is a partial bridge to getting the “full web experience” on your favorite pocket companion. Translation: using it will allow you to play some Flash video on your iPhone. We say some because according...

Like A Spidey Sense For The Rest of Us

Awareness! The Headphone App By Essency

iPhones, iPods, and all manner of other portable music players have certainly made it easier for us to constantly admire our music collection. There is a downside to everyone having headphones in their ears though. The fact is, when you’re focused on Ke$ha blabbing in your ear it’s easy to tune out that Escalade gunning...

Suit Yourself

BeSpeak iPhone App

Men’s fashion expert Alan Flusser, author of Style and the Man aims to help men make the most of their wardrobe. The BeSpeak (Free, iTunes), takes things digital. It works by first creating a personal profile based on information you submit about your skin tone, hair, eye color, body size and shape, face shape, and...

Lebron's Got Your Back, Kinda.

Nike Boom App

With music being the fundamental push behind the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android becoming a core workout accessory, all the major sports brands are looking to push the envelope with various workout companion apps. All with a focus to motivate and help track performance. Sometimes through old-fashioned techniques like, well, yelling. Nike Boom is a...

Chumby By Way of Sony

Sony Dash Internet Viewer

Back in January, you might have noticed a flurry of online chatter related to the category-bucking Sony Dash. After reviewing the product’s specs and features announced in the device’s initial press release, we were slightly disappointed to learn that the Dash seemed to be positioned really as a jack of all tech trades but master...

25 Apps. 14 Days. 2 iPhones. 1 Jailbreak.

25 Best & Must-Have iPhone Apps

Empower your iPhone with these 25 best and must have iPhone Apps, as curated by Gear Patrol.

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