Three on base, none on the board

The Weirdness of Baseball’s No-Hitter Continues

In his 13th start in the majors, Chris Heston pitched a no-hitter. It was only the 288th recorded no-no, and he hit three batters in the process -- but that's just the beginning of the weirdness of pitching's gold standard.

Beer, Blanket, a Sunny Day and some Pop Flies

Postcard: The Best of Baseball at Spring Training

1:45 p.m. MST | Scottsdale, Arizona – Greetings from Scottsdale Stadium, where the World Champion San Francisco Giants have officially begun their title defense.

A moment of faith on baseball's holy ground

Postcard: In a Hall with the Greats

Baseball is only a sport, something you put on in the background while you do your crossword. And then suddenly you're sitting in the Baseball Hall of Fame museum in Cooperstown, New York, the rumored birthplace of the sport, and there's a family on one side of you, happy father cooing in his baby son's ear about how lucky he is to see the greats in person, an old man alone on the other, grasping his 75th anniversary commemoration class yearbook in both hands and taking in the sights like a greedy drunk sucking at a bottle.

bat dogs, biscuits, and $3 beers...sign us up

Minor League Baseball: The King of Summer Sports

If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night this summer, put down the craft cocktails and go take in the American Pastime at its absolute best.

A wicked curveball

Bergino Handmade Baseballs

You may have never been beaned by one in the stands, but that doesn’t mean a cool baseball is out of reach. Bergino Handmade Baseballs ($20) combine your love of the sport with whatever else it is you’re into. Hippie who loves catching pop flies? Tie-dye peace ball. Crossword nut who always nails clues about...

Hat Trick


After closing up his former shop (RIP Freeman Transport), Ben Ferencz decided it was time for reflection. He took some time traveling around between his home in the Montana mountains and New York City. Spent time with good friends. Did a few collaboration one-offs with the likes of Hickorees Hard Goods and Jack Spade. Realizing...

Swing Away

Joe Mauer Quickswing PX4

Does your offensive production in the summer beer league make Mario Mendoza’s career average look good? Joe Mauer’s Quickswing PX4 ($130) can help improve sluggish bat speed and accuracy — as well as provide fielders with double play turnaround practice. Developed originally by the father of sports prodigy and three-time batting title winner Joe Mauer,...

Spray It Don't Say It

Authentic MLB Lawn Stencils

If baseball is America’s game, then yard work must be America’s chore. These officially licensed MLB Lawn Logo Stencils ($80) combine the two weekend time killers in a way that’s sure to bring joy to rabid fans and horror to their wives. Each reusable stencil creates a 52″ tall logo that remains visible until your...

A Game for Some, An Obession for Others

Huntington Baseball Company

The Huntington Baseball Company was founded by William Peebles back in 2009 as a way to combine his passion for baseball history and design. He was fascinated by the evolution of the baseball glove from 1860’s to the 1920’s and wanted to apply his meticulous attention to detail and love of craftsmanship to recreate them....

Famous for their game and mane

Nike Hair-itage Player Tees

Normally we avoid the funny t-shirt racket because our dorm room days are behind us. This new line of Hair-itage Tees ($20) just tugged too strongly at our inner sports fan to be ignored. The series features some of the most distinguished stashes, mullets, beards, and sideburns to ever grace the diamond, testing your knowledge...

Baseball Card for Adults

Lionword Illustrations

As a kid, dropping $2.99 on a pack of baseball cards came as naturally as ordering sprinkles on your ice cream. The pictures on the front were awesome, and the stats on the back were, well, stats. As we’ve grown up (term used loosely) the stats we used to ignore are now the same numbers...

Making The Cheap Seats Even Better, One Monster Seed At A Time

BIGS Sunflower Seeds

Guys love sunflower seeds. They smack of summer, baseball, and spitting – a manly lineup if ever there was one. Many of you probably have your own seed-smashing techniques, honed over years of sitting on a weathered pine bench in a shady dugout somewhere in your past. When it comes to a chaw of sunflowers...

Excuse Me Sir, Is That A Hole In Your Bat?

Reebok Vector O Baseball Bat

With baseball season in full swing, many of us are reminded of our younger, ball-playing days. I often find myself in the baseball section at my local sporting goods store, not actually looking for anything to buy, but just reminiscing about the good ole days. While browsing the aisles, I’ll put my hands on whatever...


Moonshot Wiffle Ball Bat

Wiffle Ball is the best summer sport. Ever. There is nothing like grilling, having a cold beer, and throwing your arm out by trying to strike out your softball playing cousin.  Personally, I always enjoyed smoking my younger brother with a nasty curve (mind you, he’s 8.5 yrs younger than me) – until he got...

Mizuno Techfire Crush Composite Softball Bat

Walk up to plate and point at centerfield Rail ball over fence Tip hat at all basemen as you saunter past on way back to home plate Those are the only things you’ll need to do at your next company or summer league softball game with a Mizuno Techfire Crush, give or take a few...

MLB.TV Premium Subscription

MLB.TV (Major League Baseball) has upped their quality on video to 700kbps of windows media streaming glory. The video quality is amazing and if you’re a baseball fan – $119.00 is not a major price to pay for every 2007 regular season out-of-market game, live. The subscription service starts today – April 2 and blackout...

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