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Staff Favorites: Jon Gaffney

In the latest edition of Staff Favorites, we turn to one of Gear Patrol's longest standing contributors, Mr. Jon Gaffney. The New England native was always a shoe in for the team thanks to his eye for craftsmanship, an obsession for photography and a hunger for physical challenge that at times made us question his sanity (in a loving, concerned way, of course). Luckily, he still knows how to properly relax, typically on a dock somewhere in Maine between waterskiing runs, which also happens to be his default answer to "where he'd rather be". But you didn't really need to read this to know any of these things. His favorites tell the story far more eloquently than we ever will.

Staff Favorites
The few, the proud, the Packard

Staff Favorites: Scott Packard

The seventh installment of our Staff Favorites series features Mr. Scott Packard. Scott is thoroughly defined by his 20 years of service as a Marine Corps infantry officer; you'll see this clearly throughout his staff picks. But to imagine that this is his sole character trait is entirely foolish. He's an excellent writer, enrapturing GP's audience with Defense Journals and other articles packed full of ethos and well-studied logic. Scott's also an active athlete (his favorite pastimes include bicycling, surfing, skiing and even, recently, motocross); a craft beer enthusiast who frequents many of the great tap rooms in his home of San Diego with his wife, who he says enjoys beer even more than he; a passionate cook; and a father and husband. He is, in short, the Most Interesting Man in the World's older, wiser brother. We're proud to have this experienced character on our staff. He's proud of some awesome gear.

Staff Favorites
Blue Ribbon Blades

Benchmade 4501 Prestigedges Kitchen Knives

While you may not think twice about mounting a wilderness excursion without your Benchmade knife, what about a more domestic adventure, like the kitchen? Benchmade has a knife for that. These knives may not include typical Benchmade features like a locking mechanism, pocket clip or sheath, but what they lack in outdoor grit the three...

Over-engineered. Enough Said.

Benchmade 755 MPR

Knowing that titanium is used extensively in this knife, the first surprise one encounters with the Benchmade 755 MPR ($235) is its weight. That is until you notice how incredibly thick the M390 super steel blade (a whopping .164”) and similarly sized blades (.1”) are. If you’re not up to snuff with your steel grades...


Benchmade 1100 Damasteel Series Tactical Pen

A pen can make a strong statement, not just by what it communicates in writing but by its appearance alone. Bic ballpoint = frugal and predictable, maybe an accountant. Uniball Roller = an analyst of some kind, very precise. LAMY Safari = artistic and original, perhaps a design architect. Montblanc = executive, makes big deals...

The Gentleman's Pocket Knife

Benchmade 3150 Impel

Benchmade‘s new 3150 Impel knife only furthers our affinity for the company’s fine blades. Built to be a gentleman’s pocket knife, the Impel is clean and simple. It only comes with a clip point plain edge blade, available in steel or black-coated, and has an aluminum handle featuring G10 scales for grip. Its handle is...

Piece of mind in TUMULTuous times

Benchmade 14800 TUMULT

By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Zach Zornischenko As with most things we review here at Gear Patrol, first impressions are everything. Luckily, Benchmade’s 14800 TUMULT left a lasting impression of quality and functionality on us right from the start.  The TUMULT is perfect for those who need, with the quick slide of a thumb,...

"Now this is a Knife"

Benchmade Mini-Barrage and ComboEdge Sharpener Kit

In a recent post, my compadre Dusty touched on how every man needs a knife (or ten). I could not agree more. Try carrying one for a week, and I’d wager you won’t want to stop. Whether you’re looking for a first knife or just another knife in your quest for ten, Benchmade is a fantastic...

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