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BenQ W1500 DLP Wireless Projector

Buying a projector can be deceptive: the thrill of viewing on a much larger screen often blinds shoppers to the installation migraines ahead. The high starts to fall away at home when the need to run power and signal cables to the back of the living room becomes apparent. Where do you find HDMI cables longer than six feet in length? How do you discreetly get them to the projector? The BenQ W1500 ($1599) hopes to finally break the cycle. It's the first projector to include a wireless HD transmission technology called WHDI, which broadcasts uncompressed, full HD video and audio signals (including 3D) over a 5GHz channel up to 65 feet away from the transmitter.


Today in Gear: August 14, 2013

Radiator Shark Deterrent Dive Wetsuits Lame waves can be a real bummer when you want to surf. So can getting hunted, mauled, killed and eaten by a prehistoric-lookin’ fish. Turns out you can use science and art to protect yourself (as opposed to flimsy steel bars). Though they smell and track blood to find prey,...


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